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Week 12 / 15 Weeks of Summer

by Kamil S


MKR, COMP, CELO, LRC & NMR Enter Coinmetro Exchange

Almost hard to believe that summer is nearing an end and it is has been three months since we started the 15 Weeks of Summer campaign. We spent the whole season building utility around our own XCM Token, listing multiple game-changing assets and working on innovative technology to better Coinmetro exchange and your portfolio from several angles.

This week we are not slowing down, wanting to align ourselves with more projects that are building the crypto world as we know it. Five new assets are now trading on Coinmetro exchange: MKR, COMP, CELO, LRC & NMR.

Better Access to Markets & Investments

As always, we are striving to push forward solutions that are disrupting the financial landscape and are offering better access to markets and investments:

MKR (Maker) – The Governance Token of MakerDAO – The Maker Protocol is one of the largest dApps on the Ethereum blockchain and one of the first decentralized finance (DeFi) applications with large-scale adoption. Also, MakerDAO was one of the first projects to run reliable Oracles on the Ethereum blockchain. The potential of the project is building up and its adoption promises to cross into other industries as well.

The stablecoin leveraged by the MKR holders was listed weeks ago on the Coinmetro exchange and you should also have a look at the DAI blog.

New Trading Pairs: MKR/USD and MKR/EUR

  • Read more about MKR in this dedicated BLOG.

COMP (Compound) – A Major DeFi Universe of Open Financial Applications –Compound is a protocol on the Ethereum blockchain establishing money markets – pools of assets with algorithmically derived interest rates. Compound DeFi network allows users to spend, lend, and borrow money using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, without the need for any bank or governmental entity. In fact, the protocol earned interest from $3.717 billion in assets spread across 18 markets as of 24 July 2022.

New Trading Pairs: COMP/USD and COMP/EUR

  • Read more about COMP in this dedicated BLOG.

CELO (Celo Network) – A Mobile-First Blockchain for Accessible DeFi – A carbon-negative PoS blockchain network with a vision to introduce crypto to all 6 billion mobile phones on this planet. The idea is for the Layer-1 protocol to allow users to onboard into the system with just their phone number, making payments in the Celo network as easy as sending a text message. Celo plans to achieve this through a multi-asset cryptographic protocol for decentralized social payments, addressing some of the biggest roadblocks to crypto’s large-scale adoption – scalability, energy efficiency, and security.

New Trading Pairs: CELO/USD and CELO/EUR

  • Read more about CELO in this dedicated BLOG.

LRC (Loopring) – The Protocol for Hybrid Crypto Exchanges – Loopring is driven by a vision to offer protocols and infrastructure for the future of finance via accessible user-facing products. The Ethereum Layer-2-based network offers both security and performance, doubled by low fees and a high-speed trading platform. Loopring achieves this without compromising Ethereum’s security. The Loopring protocol is bringing much innovation to the space by ensuring that an exchange or payment application simply cannot access or lose user assets, creating a digital economic space where users are empowered and always in complete control of their funds.

New Trading Pairs: LRC/USD and LRC/EUR

NMR – Numeraire – A Hedge Fund for Ethereum-Based Equity Trading – NMR offers unique investment opportunities that merge financial dimensions and offer great leverage. At its core, the Numeraire token is powered by the Numerai foundation – a San-Francisco hedge fund that uses artificial intelligence to make predictions in the stock market and trade equities on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of NMR staking. Numerai has two layers of investment of which you can take advantage:

  • Signals – a platform where users pool together stock market strategies and predictions. Users can choose to participate in various investment plans by staking NMR on the network.
  • Tournament – a weekly contest where users can submit AI-augmented trading algorithms and bet on the most favorable outcome.

New Trading Pairs: NMR/USD and NMR/EUR

Future-Proof Your Portfolio!

During this current inflationary period, a big question is circulating in the crypto environment and beyond: is this the last bear market before global crypto adoption? Looking back, some of the biggest companies from today like Uber and Slack emerged in the aftermath of the 2008 financial collapse. Also, the 2020 crypto and stock bull run surprised a lot of people, coming months after the pandemic onset and initial market crash.

Heavy-weight portfolios take action during bear markets when low prices favor acquisition. People like Warren Buffet have invested more and more with each bear market, getting higher revenues as the markets shift back to a more positive sentiment.

It’s hard to notice during inflationary periods, but progress carries on at Coinmetro and in the whole crypto space. We have built programs that integrate more value into your portfolio and give you a chance to take part in one of the most exciting financial disruptions of our time. By investing in projects that are becoming essential to the blockchain scape, you can potentially have a hand in the future of money.

“When There’s Risk, People Run to Safety”

The above quote came from Kevin Murcko (Coinmetro Founder & CEO) in the 1 July AMA session. As we are now well into this bear market, there’s obviously a lot of risk around. Not only this but also skyrocketing inflation, global turmoil and an overall increased pressure on everyone’s wallet.

What’s the better road ahead for transitioning out of this period? Hard to say, but this remains certain: getting better implies starting today. Now is the time to take action and plan your investment for the future. Get educated, learn and discover something you can understand. Projects with clear direction like our own XCM Token or other assets and meaningful projects that we listed and partnered with intensively in the last three months.

Watch out for complete blogs about all this week’s listings in the next couple of days. Stay close with Coinmetro for the long run! When the landscape changes, people will understand where value can be found. You can find us on our Discord and Telegram channels where you can hang around, meet people and learn something new everyday. To start your investment journey today, sign up for an account with Coinmetro!


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