Week 8 of 15 Weeks of Summer – Peak Season of Value


Three New Listings on Coinmetro Exchange: DAI, MATIC, NOIA



As we are entering the peak summer season, Coinmetro gears up with one of the most rewarding weeks of our 15 Weeks of Summer campaign. Today we are introducing three new listings on our exchange: DAI (MakerDAO), MATIC (Polygon), NOIA (Syntropy). While the markets keep sending out mixed signals, you might be wondering how to approach this period. Read on to discover more about these significant projects and why we are choosing to partner with them at this essential time.


DAI (MakerDAO) – A Stablecoin You Can Control


The digital currency of MakerDAO is now trading on Coinmetro. If you’ve been in the crypto space for a while, the name MakerDAO will speak volumes to you. Being one of the first DeFi applications with significant adoption, the Maker Protocol is currently one of the largest DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) on the Ethereum blockchain.

DAI – MakerDAO’s stablecoin – is designed to minimize price volatility. As a decentralized, unbiased, collateral-backed cryptocurrency that is soft-pegged to the US Dollar, DAI’s value is in its stability. DAI is a stablecoin that is backed by actual fiat collateral. DAI comes with a 1:1 ratio to the U.S. dollar on every single DAI of available balance, which is held in cryptocurrency wallets or within platforms. DAI can be withdrawn to a USD bank account or converted to other currencies instantly through an intermediary with no fees involved.


What Makes DAI a Great Asset?


DAI is currently the largest decentralized stablecoin by market capitalization. Moreover, MakerDAO – the community behind DAI – made it back to the number one decentralized finance protocol on the Ethereum blockchain by locking up more tokens than all other competitors.

MakerDAO’s stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that allows people to trade assets or store value. DAI is an asset-backed currency that can be generated, accessed, and used in the Maker Platform. Users earn DAI by depositing assets into their Maker Vaults – a core component of the Maker Protocol, which facilitates the generation of DAI against locked up collateral. By earning DAI and holding it as collateral, users can receive liquidity through the Maker Decentralized Exchange (DEX).


New Trading Pairs: DAI/USD and DAI/EUR

DAI is also available on SWAP.


MATIC (Polygon) – Bringing Web3 For All


Among the top-ranking blockchain solutions, Polygon is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that enables developers to build secure and scalable dApps with low transaction fees and a user-friendly experience.


Polygon combines the best of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains into a full-fledged multi-chain system. The network is committed to fostering the growth of Web3 applications by providing the infrastructure needed for Web3. Up until this point, over 19k+ dApps have used Polygon to scale their performance. Among them – companies like Instagram, Adidas Originals and Prada have launched NFTs with the Polygon network.


Polygon has a complete suite of Ethereum-scaling solutions that makes the chain so versatile and competitive:

  • Polygon PoS – A solution that achieves unprecedented transaction speed and cost savings by utilizing side-chains for transaction processing.
  • Polygon Hermez – A Layer 2 construction on top of Ethereum that solves its scalability through mass transfer processing rolled into a single transaction, maximizing the efficiency and the throughput of the network.
  • Polygon Avail –  A modular blockchain that records transaction data for other blockchains. Off-chain scaling solutions can unlock their full potential by offloading data availability to Avail.
  • Polygon Edge – A modular and extensible framework enabling you to run your own blockchain network with customizable features. It is guided by the principles of modular architecture and provides Ethereum compatibility to your network.
  • Polygon Nightfall – Opens new possibilities for enterprises on Web3 by enabling private, efficient and decentralized business transactions.
  • Polygon Miden – A Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that relies on zero-knowledge technology (zk-STARKs) to “roll-up” thousands of Layer 2 transactions into a single Ethereum transaction, increasing throughput and reducing transaction fees.
  • Polygon Zero – One of the world’s most performant zero-knowledge Layer 2 chains. What makes Polygon Zero great is the power of Plonky2 – a groundbreaking prover system – which generates ZK proofs faster than any other existing tech.


Polygon (formerly known as Matic Network) is one of the first well-structured, easy-to-use platforms for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. It is an inherently secure, open and powerful chain, transforming Ethereum into a full-fledged multi-chain system (aka Internet of Blockchains).


New Trading Pairs: MATIC/USD and MATIC/EUR

MATIC is also available on SWAP.


NOIA (Syntropy) – Next-Generation Connectivity 


Rounding out Week 8 of 15 Weeks of Summer campaign is NOIA – the token of Syntropy – a company that is improving security and performance of the Internet. Syntropy is a global movement aiming to change the internet for the better.

The Syntropy ecosystem is developed and managed by open-source developers from around the world, supported by an executive team which includes Dom Povilauskas (CEO), Jonas Simanavicius (CTO), and Domantas Jaskunas (COO).

Syntropy shines by offering a technology that introduces a crucial layer of programmability allowing for the complete utilization of resources. It removes bottlenecks and limitations of the existing internet system, ensures security and optimization by default, and unlocks greater scalability potential for future technologies and applications. Syntropy’s technological innovations are backed by a patent strategy that protects the project and community as the future unfolds.

Founded in 2017, the network has a diverse ecosystem of applications ensuring integration into all other key technology systems. NOIA – Syntropy’s native digital asset allows this ecosystem to create its own decentralized economy, one supported by tens of thousands of community members running node infrastructure, with developers incentivized to deliver applications and software on top of the network.

Truth being told, the Internet of today is highly centralized, preventing the true democratization of technology. In essence, Syntropy is helping with decentralizing the Internet at its core without sacrificing compatibility with current protocols.  The result is a safer, faster Internet experience that allows for true decentralization development.

NOIA token is facilitating connectivity and data transfers over the Syntropy network and has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens.


New Trading Pairs: NOIA/USD and NOIA/EUR

NOIA will be available through limit orders only.



Traversing Bear Markets with Agility


How are you going through this bear market? Three months should now be enough time for all of us to process what’s happening. And not stop there. While we are not here to make crypto “Guru-like” predictions, there are signs Q3 and Q4 will probably stretch people’s budgets even more. Easy to understand is the fact that you should traverse this period with assets in your portfolio, rather than liabilities. 


When we initially designed the 15 Weeks of Summer campaign months ago, the markets were uncertain, but not as bearish as they are now. Nevertheless, we anticipated a good opportunity for you to progressively diversify, find significant investments and slowly build your portfolio so that it develops its own center of gravity. What do we mean by that? Throughout the last couple of months, we have listed tokens and partnered with projects that are instrumental to the blockchain, crypto and Web3 space. Networks and technologies that are moving the ball forward, bringing us better blockchains (ALGO, AVAX), innovative monetization solutions in the Web3 Metaverse (MANA, SAND), new tokenomics to our own XCM and essential partnerships like Fireblocks.


You may be asking what’s with all the excitement? Remember – when you pick an investment, it’s not absolutely crucial for it to skyrocket today. It’s more important to make sense and bring you profit in the future. This can be next week, next month, or next year. Acknowledge that time is a factor and often, investment is a counter-intuitive practice. With that into the equation, you will understand that now may be a favorable time to map out the mid to long term.


Where will your portfolio venture? By listing projects that are shaping the future of crypto and blockchain, we know where ours will be.

Join the debate on the ever-growing Coinmetro community on Discord and Telegram and let us know what you think! To include these listings into your portfolio, take action now and sign up to our platform in just a few steps.