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The unparalleled passive income plan

MARs (Multi-Asset Rewards) - Designed to build strong and resilient portfolios.

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What is MARs?

Loyal Coinmetro clients buy and stake XCM and accumulate a broad, curated portfolio of crypto projects including ADA, FLUX, MATIC and more. With MARs, you reap rewards in real time and diversify simultaneously.

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How does it work?

Simple and ingenious. Buy and stake XCM and besides earning back more of our utility token, you automatically earn rewards paid out in other lucrative crypto assets as well.

How to start

Simply buy XCM with just a few taps.

Choose your staking plan as easy as you would order coffee.

Sit back and relax, watching your investment grow in real time.

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Tiers - benefits & rewards

Buy XCM and customize your bonus system according to your preference.


Building a thriving ecosystem

Coinmetro’s utility token XCM is an asset giving you multiple opportunities to earn. With staking, referrals, and unique tokenomics, XCM is driving the Coinmetro exchange and your portfolio forward.

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Learning is earning!

Become a better trader & investor with each day by keeping a close eye on our Learning Lab educational center.

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