15 Weeks of Summer – A Season of Value & Rewards


Summer Rewards for All Sharp Investors

We could not be more excited for kick-starting our 15 Weeks of Summer Campaign! From this point onwards until September, we will continually list new tokens and innovative projects, strengthening our portfolio so that we can offer you a complete crypto ecosystem that fully answers all your trading and investment needs. As a quick teaser, let us share some insight: some really special projects that are instrumental to the metaverse / Web3 space and eSports industry, as well as coins related to payments technology and even decentralized social media platforms will be hitting the Coinmetro exchange in the next weeks.

We won’t stop at that however. We have already scheduled new staking opportunities and more monthly tokenomics to further diversify your portfolio. Summer plans have never looked so good!

Make sure to follow us and check out our special landing page where we will be updating you weekly on our summer journey. Also – keep an eye on our socials and Discord for more content and giveaways.

Week 1 – Coinmetro Integrates Fireblocks

Coinmetro Fireblocks Integration

In order to develop and offer the widest possible range of products, soon including our fiat debit cards, we are partnering with Fireblocks, the #1 Institutional Custody Platform and also the one with the most integrations to Crypto/Defi. Thousands of crypto, Web3, and digital asset businesses use Fireblocks software and APIs for custody, to manage treasury operations, access DeFi, mint & burn tokens, and manage digital asset operations. Fireblocks also offers an incredible array of integrations with liquidity partners, and we see great value in harnessing all of these services for Coinmetro and our clients.

More Opportunities for Coinmetro Users

Asset Listings

With more than 1,100 tokens and 35 protocols supported, Fireblocks enables us to integrate and list a huge array of new assets Watch this space! 🥳


Fireblocks brings us a huge network of more than 1,200 liquidity providers, lending desks, banks and market makers, all of which will help us to offer a better trading service to our clients. Working with liquidity providers will be easier, cheaper and faster to settle.

Future Integrations

Integrating with some Layer-1s and Layer-2s is all well and good, but what’s next? Fireblocks integrates with a wide range of blue-chip DeFi protocols which opens up many options for us. We will be working with our business partners to understand where there is the greatest demand.

Lending on Compound? Staking Ethereum on Vesper? Borrowing on Aave? Providing liquidity on Curve? Ethereum 2.0 staking? Anything is possible!


“We’re really excited to work with Fireblocks and harness all of their technology to the best of our ability. This partnership adds a lot to Coinmetro and the experiences we’ll be able to offer our clients.”

~ Kevin Murcko (Founder, CEO)


Over the coming weeks, we will be revealing several new changes to the platform, all of which are designed to maximize the Client experience and provide you with more tools and options than ever before.

Why Fireblocks?

We strongly believe in the immense value of hybrid services: Systems that harness the reduced friction of decentralized solutions, combined with the ease of use and simplicity of centralized systems. At Coinmetro, we intend to be a world leader in offering the best opportunities the cryptoverse can offer. In doing so, we are ensuring those experiences are as safe and simple to use as possible. In our first campaign week, the integration with Fireblocks is a major stepping stone that transforms this vision into reality.

Going forward, the entire crypto space needs flawless security protection to ensure a safe economic climate. After spending 20 years in the realms of cybersecurity, Michael Shaulov, Idan Ofrat and Pavel Berengoltz teamed up to create Fireblocks – a security platform helping institutions in protecting digital assets.

Every day we see more and more fintech companies increasing the number of services they offer to their clients, including those associated with digital assets. There are now many examples of huge companies and eCommerce platforms increasing their acceptance of cryptocurrencies for payment. Traditional payment service providers are also expanding their efforts to develop the digital asset ecosystem as they know the powerful potential these technologies offer.

At Coinmetro, we see no sign of this slowing down and are continuing to build our best-in-class suite of tools and technologies, not just for direct consumer adoption but also for our present and future business partners to leverage as well.


A Season of Value

As the uncertainty in the markets leaks towards Q3, the opportunity presents itself to acquire new assets, profit from valuable prices and drive your portfolio forward with more value! Bear markets are sharp investors’ fertile grounds where they can strengthen their portfolio at favorable prices. The 15 Weeks of Summer campaign is a great opportunity to do so!

How will you be taking advantage? It’s important to choose something you understand. Something that makes sense to you and you can follow closely. Fortunately, the 15 Weeks of Summer campaign will introduce both top ten established tokens as well as other innovative projects that are breaking new ground in the Web3, Metaverse, DAO environment.

While we all wait for more market optimism, the landscape will soon be populated with empowering opportunities. It’s a good idea to make changes and act while value is circulating. With the right assets grabbed at the right time, you will be soon edging the markets as they shift again.

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