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AllianceBlock Nexera





AllianceBlock Nexera is on the incline today.

The price of AllianceBlock Nexera has fallen by 6.62% in the past 7 days. The price inclined by 14.72% in the last 24 hours. The current price is €0.0734 per NXRA. AllianceBlock Nexera is 70.31% below the all time high of €0.247.

The current circulating supply is 766,244,471.3 NXRA.

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What is AllianceBlock Nexera (NXRA)?

The AllianceBlock blockchain, integral to the Nexera ecosystem, is designed for facilitating efficient and compliant cross-border transactions in the capital markets. This network operates under the Prometheus Protocol, which includes the Nexera Protocol. NXRA is essentially a tool designed to enhance the efficiency and scope of the AllianceBlock platform's services in the financial sector​​. The focus is on creating a robust connective framework that bridges DeFi and TradFi, aiming to streamline and enhance financial transactions in a regulated manner. 

The NXRA token plays a vital role in the AllianceBlock ecosystem serving multiple functions. It has inherited and expanded upon the roles of the previous AllianceBlock Token (ALBT). As part of the Nexera Protocol, which is a key component of the broader Prometheus Protocol, NXRA enhances the interoperability and utility across AllianceBlock's suite of solutions.

AllianceBlock has made significant strides with its Nexera ecosystem, particularly through the introduction of the Nexera Exchange. This decentralized exchange platform, built on the Arbitrum One network, incorporates an advanced on-chain order book protocol to enhance liquidity across various cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets. Its integration with Uniswap V3 allows for more efficient limit order execution and deeper market insights. Future plans for the Nexera Exchange include the introduction of decentralized KYC/AML procedures, gated liquidity pools, and unique yield-generating DeFi strategies, positioning it as a secure and compliant trading platform for both digital and real-world assets​​.

The AllianceBlock DAO, integral to the ecosystem, empowers the community to actively participate in governance, particularly focusing on the strategic direction of the Data Tunnel, reflecting AllianceBlock's commitment to a decentralized, community-driven approach. The Data Tunnel represents a decentralized data marketplace. It facilitates the publishing, contribution, and consumption of reliable and standardized data. This platform allows data contributors to control, monetize, and benefit from their published data, offering a unique model of data management where contributors also have a say in the usage of their data. It represents a significant shift from traditional data systems, empowering users with distributed ownership and control over their data.

How does NXRA work?

The Nexera Protocol is designed to enhance the integration and functionality of the AllianceBlock ecosystem, particularly in facilitating compliant cross-border transactions in capital markets. It serves as a bridge between decentralized finance (DeFi) and traditional finance (TradFi), providing a platform for seamless and regulated financial transactions. This protocol plays a crucial role in the development of a more interconnected and efficient DeFi and TradFi ecosystem, underpinning the usage and utility of the NXRA token within this framework. The network not only enhances transactional compliance in international markets but also innovates in the realm of digital asset trading, offering a secure, transparent, and regulatory-aligned platform for various stakeholders in the financial sector.

The AllianceBlock DAO 

The AllianceBlock DAO was launched to deepen community participation in the ecosystem's development. It represents a significant step towards decentralized governance, starting with the Data Tunnel, a decentralized data marketplace. This initiative enables the community to shape the strategic direction of key projects, fostering a more decentralized and innovation-driven environment. The DAO's structured approach allows gradual transition to community governance, ensuring comprehensive community preparation and feedback integration. The initial phase includes community-driven decision-making on the Data Tunnel's development priorities, reflecting AllianceBlock's commitment to community-driven innovation in decentralized markets. For more detailed information, please refer to the AllianceBlock announcement.

What makes Nexera (NXRA) unique?

AllianceBlock Nexera (NXRA) is unique primarily due to its innovative Nexera Exchange. This decentralized exchange introduces an advanced on-chain order book protocol that significantly enhances liquidity for a wide range of cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets. It builds upon the previously launched AllianceBlock DEX, utilizing cutting-edge Automated Market Maker technology to reduce risks for liquidity providers. The Nexera Exchange aims to bridge the gap between user experience and operational fluidity found in decentralized exchanges and the efficiency of centralized exchanges. Additionally, it integrates with Uniswap protocol for seamless limit order execution and deep market insights.

Beyond its exchange, Nexera (NXRA) is distinguished by several other factors, including: 

Integration of DeFi and TradFi: Nexera's integration strategy focuses on creating a seamless platform that supports a wide range of financial products, from traditional equity and debt instruments to innovative DeFi offerings. This integration is designed to provide users with a comprehensive financial ecosystem that caters to a variety of needs, from traditional banking services to advanced DeFi applications.

Advanced Blockchain Technologies: Nexera employs advanced protocols such as cross-chain interoperability and smart contracts for automating complex financial transactions. These technologies aim to reduce transaction times, lower costs, and enhance the security of financial operations, making the platform more appealing to both traditional finance and DeFi users.

Governance and Incentivization: The NXRA token plays a crucial role in AllianceBlock's decentralized governance model, allowing token holders to participate in key decision-making processes. The incentivization mechanism includes staking rewards, transaction fee sharing, and participation in liquidity pools, encouraging active community involvement and investment in the platform's growth and stability.

The NXRA token: Utility & tokenomics

The NXRA token, central to the AllianceBlock Nexera ecosystem, has a maximum supply of 850 million and embodies a multifaceted approach in token utility and economics. Let's delve into its key aspects:

Replacement of ALBT Token: NXRA's introduction marks a strategic shift in AllianceBlock's ecosystem, inheriting and amplifying the functionalities and attributes of the ALBT token.

Role in Nexera Protocol: As a core component of the Nexera Protocol, NXRA is crucial in implementing the Prometheus Protocol's vision, focusing on compliant, efficient, and secure cross-border financial transactions.

Governance and Incentivization: The NXRA token plays a definitive role in governance and incentivization. Token holders are involved in decision-making processes, contributing to the strategic direction of the platform. In terms of incentivization, NXRA might be used for staking rewards, where participants earn tokens for contributing to network security or liquidity. 

Rewards for Ecosystem Participants: Participants in the ecosystem, such as developers, users, and investors, can earn NXRA tokens as rewards for engaging in activities that contribute to the platform's growth. This includes participating in network governance, contributing to the development of the ecosystem, providing liquidity, and actively using the platform's services. This incentivizes active participation and contribution to the platform's growth and development.

Network Fee Payment Mechanism: The NXRA token is used for paying network fees in the AllianceBlock ecosystem. These fees include costs associated with conducting transactions on the network and executing smart contracts. Such fees are essential for maintaining the operational efficiency and security of the blockchain network. 

History of AllianceBlock Nexera (NXRA): Founders and partnerships

Founders & milestones

Rachid Ajaja, as the co-founder and CEO of AllianceBlock, has played a crucial role in steering the organization's direction, particularly in the development of the Nexera project. Under Ajaja's guidance, AllianceBlock has embarked on ambitious projects like Nexera ID and the Nexera Protocol, each serving as vital components of their ecosystem. 

The key focus of AllianceBlock is the Nexera Protocol, introduced in December 2022. This protocol marked the realization of the previously introduced Prometheus Protocol. The Nexera Protocol is designed to facilitate cross-border transactions in capital markets in a regulated and compliant manner, acting as a bridge between DeFi and traditional finance (TradFi).

The AllianceBlock Nexera Token (NXRA) replaced the legacy AllianceBlock Token (ALBT) as part of a strategic shift in AllianceBlock's ecosystem. This transition, indicating a new era for AllianceBlock, was aimed at expanding utility and interoperability across their solutions. However, it's important to note that this change occurred in the context of a significant event where AllianceBlock suffered an exploit on the Bonq decentralized borrowing protocol, leading to the loss of about $5 million worth of ALBT tokens. In response, AllianceBlock minted new ALBT tokens and airdropped them to the affected wallet addresses to mitigate the impact on users. This incident was a crucial factor in the transition from ALBT to NXRA.

One of the key aspects of Ajaja's vision is the emphasis on self-sovereignty, self-custody, and privacy. These principles are crucial for the broader adoption of Web 3.0 technologies and are consistently reflected in AllianceBlock's products. For this, Nexera ID is a pioneering solution in digital identity management, using advanced technologies like "soul-bound" MetaNFTs. This tool allows users to maintain control over their digital assets and personal information, setting new standards in the field of digital wallets. 

AllianceBlock partnerships

AllianceBlock has established various partnerships to bridge the gap between traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi). These collaborations are part of their mission to create a compliant and innovative financial infrastructure.

Partnership with ABO Digital: AllianceBlock collaborated with ABO Digital to provide alternative, structured financing for crypto projects. This partnership aims to bridge traditional financial markets and the crypto community by offering tokenized forms of traditional financial instruments such as shares, options, bonds, tokenized funds, and tokenized AMCs.

Collaboration with dua.com: AllianceBlock joined forces with dua.com to build digital banking services for international communities, particularly focusing on remittances. Dua.com, which provides an integrated messaging and matchmaking platform, is working with AllianceBlock to leverage DeFi technology for better control over finances, especially in terms of crypto asset transactions.

Partnerships Across the Ecosystem: AllianceBlock's ecosystem includes a variety of partners and collaborators, such as PAID, Ava Labs, Energy Web, Unido, GBG, Unizen, Edgeware, Hedera Hashgraph, MultiversX (former Elrond), Pangolin, Polygon, Clay, Graypes, CV Labs, Flare, and Crypto Valley Association. These partnerships span across different areas of blockchain, DeFi, and traditional finance, reflecting AllianceBlock's comprehensive approach to integrating these sectors.

Each of these partnerships plays a role in AllianceBlock's strategy to create a compliant and interconnected financial ecosystem, blending the strengths of DeFi with the reliability and reach of traditional finance. The collaborations are focused on various aspects, from liquidity provision and data management to compliance and identity verification, ensuring a comprehensive approach to the evolving financial landscape.

Price history and performance of AllianceBlock Nexera (NXRA)

NXRA hit the markets in February, 2023, at a price of $0.05, and quickly gained traction. By April that year, the asset had doubled in value, trading above $0.10. Periods of volatility followed for the subsequent months, and in October, 2023, NXRA was trading below its initial listing price. However, since then, NXRA embarked on an upward trajectory, in sync with the optimism in the entire crypto market at large. As of January, 2024, the AllianceBlock Nexera token is trading at around $0.14, an approx 300% increase compared to the initial listing price.

How to buy AllianceBlock Nexera (NXRA)?

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