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The price of EncrypGen has risen by 0.64% in the past 7 days. The price declined by 0.28% in the last 24 hours. The current price is €0.00230 per DNA. EncrypGen is 98.41% below the all time high of €0.144.

The current circulating supply is 70,938,084 DNA.

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What is EncrypGen (DNA)?

EncrypGen is a project operating in the realm of genomics, aiming to transform how genetic data is managed, shared, and utilized. It focuses on leveraging blockchain technology to enhance the security and privacy of genetic data. This platform empowers individuals by giving them control over their DNA information and the ability to monetize it if they choose to share it with medical and scientific researchers.

EncrypGen represents a significant shift in the genomic data marketplace, emphasizing individual sovereignty and the ethical use of genetic data. It's designed to democratize and bring transparency to the exchange of DNA data, addressing concerns over ownership, usage, and security of such sensitive information.

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How does EncrypGen (DNA) work?

EncrypGen utilizes blockchain technology to provide a secure and decentralized environment for genomic data exchange. The platform’s key component is the Gene-Chain, which stores de-identified DNA data. This means that personal information like names and emails are removed from the DNA data to maintain privacy. When users sell their data on the Gene-Chain, they receive DNA tokens in return. These tokens can be exchanged for traditional currencies or other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. This system not only grants users control over their genetic data but also allows them to potentially profit from it.

The Gene-Chain serves two main groups of users:

Individuals with Genetic Data: These are people who have undergone genetic testing and seek greater control over their data. They can choose to monetize this data by selling it to researchers while remaining anonymous.

Researchers: Scientists and medical researchers who are in need of diverse genomic data for their studies. They can access this anonymized data directly from individuals.

EncrypGen's approach to managing and utilizing DNA data represents an important step in the intersection of genomics and blockchain technology. It offers a unique solution to the ethical, privacy, and security challenges that have long been associated with the handling of genetic data.

What makes EncrypGen (DNA) unique?

EncrypGen (DNA) stands out for its unique approach to handling genomic data, making it a noteworthy project in the blockchain and healthcare space. Here's what makes EncrypGen distinct:

First Blockchain-Mediated Genomic DNA Data Marketplace: EncrypGen is recognized as the world's first platform using blockchain technology for genomic DNA data exchange. This pioneering role in integrating blockchain with genomics sets it apart from traditional genetic data handling methods​​​​.

Empowering Individuals with Data Control: A core principle of EncrypGen is the empowerment of individuals regarding their genetic data. The platform allows people to maintain control over their DNA information, including the decision to share it for research or medical purposes. This focus on personal sovereignty in data management is a significant departure from conventional practices where individuals often have limited control over their genetic information​​​​.

Enhancing Privacy and Security of Genetic Data: EncrypGen places a strong emphasis on the privacy and security of genetic data. By leveraging blockchain technology, it offers a more secure way of handling sensitive DNA information, addressing common concerns about data breaches and unauthorized access in the genomic industry​​.

Facilitating Ethical and Equitable Exchange of DNA Data: The platform is dedicated to democratizing the DNA data market. It aims to create a fair and transparent system for the exchange of genetic data between individuals and medical or scientific researchers. This approach is designed to ensure that those who contribute their DNA data are treated fairly and ethically, which is not always the case in traditional genomic data markets​​​​.

Innovative Use of Blockchain for Genetic Data: EncrypGen's use of blockchain technology for genomic data is innovative. It not only enhances security and privacy but also introduces a new paradigm for data sharing and monetization in the genomics field. The platform's design allows for a verifiable audit trail of genetic information shared, ensuring transparency and ethical handling of data​​.

Potential for Transformative Impact in Healthcare and Research: The platform's approach has the potential to revolutionize how genetic data is used in healthcare and research. By providing a secure and transparent mechanism for sharing genetic data, EncrypGen could facilitate advancements in personalized medicine and genetic research, benefiting a wide range of stakeholders, from individuals to healthcare providers and researchers​​​​.

The DNA token: Utility & tokenomics

The DNA token, associated with EncrypGen, plays a critical role in the project's unique approach to genomic data management and exchange. Here's an overview of its utility and tokenomics:

Medium of Exchange: The DNA token is primarily used within the EncrypGen platform to facilitate the buying and selling of genetic data. This token serves as a unified currency that streamlines transactions within the Gene-Chain, EncrypGen's core platform.

Incentivization: DNA tokens are used as incentives for individuals who choose to share their genetic data on the platform. This model empowers individuals to monetize their own genetic information if they decide to make it available for scientific or medical research.

Research Facilitation: For researchers and scientists, the DNA token simplifies the process of acquiring genetic data for their studies, providing a streamlined, secure, and ethical way to access this sensitive information.

According to CoinMarketCap.com, the Circulating Supply of DNA tokens is currently equal to the Total Supply of DNA tokens, amounting to 70.94 million, with a current Market Cap of $532,390.

History of EncrypGen (DNA)

Founded in 2016 by CEO Dr. David Koepsell, EncrypGen has been at the forefront of utilizing blockchain technology for enhancing genetic data privacy and management. The company held an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to fund its developments. During this ICO, a significant portion of the DNA tokens were offered to the public, with a certain percentage retained for marketing and team use. This event was a pivotal moment in EncrypGen's history, allowing it to raise the necessary funds to further develop its platform and expand its reach in the genomic data market.

Dr. Koepsell's expertise and vision have been central to EncrypGen's journey. His background as an American author, philosopher, attorney, and educator, with a focus on ethics and public policy in relation to emerging science and technology, has been instrumental in shaping the company's direction. His work has addressed critical questions about the ownership and ethical use of genetic data, reflecting his broader interest in how science intersects with moral and philosophical concerns.

EncrypGen has established several significant partnerships to enhance its offerings in the genetic data marketplace. The company was recently acquired by IndyGeneUS AI, combining the extensive repository of genetic data with EncrypGen's specialized marketplace and cryptocurrency capabilities. This collaboration aims to support various areas such as disease prevention, drug discovery, and precision health equity. 

Another strategic alliance EncrypGen formed is with BTblock, a technology and cybersecurity consultancy firm. This partnership underlines EncrypGen's commitment to the security and technological advancement of its blockchain solutions for genomic data.

In addition, EncrypGen has also entered into partnerships with Health Wizz and Codigo46. Health Wizz provides a mobile platform that empowers consumers to manage their health records efficiently and securely. This collaboration aims to integrate EncrypGen's Gene-Chain into the Health Wizz ecosystem. The partnership with Codigo46 involves marketing DNA test kits and leveraging EncrypGen's Gene-Chain platform for the secure transmission of genetic data. Codigo46 specializes in genetic testing services in Mexico and offers tests for ancestry, health, and pharmacogenomics.

These partnerships are pivotal in EncrypGen's mission to provide a secure and user-empowered environment for the management and sharing of genomic data, emphasizing their commitment to privacy, security, and innovation in the field of genomics

Price history and performance of EncrypGen (DNA)

The price trajectory of EncrypGen’s DNA token is intriguing: The asset was listed with a price of $0.05 in November 2017, at a moment when the bull market was already brewing. In January 2018, DNA reached its all-time high of $1.7, a staggering 3400% increase. 

However, the positive momentum was short-lived: By September 2018, DNA was trading again below its initial listing value. The 2021 bull market pushed DNA in the green, but this time, the momentum was significantly weaker than the 2018 explosion. DNA managed to go above the initial listing price in the spring and autumn of 2021, testing the $0.1 level, before trading downwards. To this day, DNA remains below this level, trading at around $0.007 (January, 2024).

How to buy EncrypGen (DNA)?

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