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The price of Syntropy has risen by 10.02% in the past 7 days. The price declined by 0.93% in the last 24 hours. The current price is €1.00 per NOIA. Syntropy is 212.54% below the all time high of €0.319.

The current circulating supply is 729,553,097.41 NOIA.

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What is Syntropy (NOIA)?

Syntropy, also referred to by its token name NOIA, is a blockchain-based project aiming to revolutionize the internet by addressing its fundamental limitations in security, privacy, and efficiency, bringing real-time, multi-chain data access to life. Syntropy uses the Nominated Proof-of-Stake (NPoS) consensus mechanism, enabling validators to be nominated to participate in consensus. Validators are responsible for validating transactions and producing blocks, while nominators back these validators with their own stake in the network. This model indicates a form of hybrid decentralized governance, where token holders can have an indirect influence over network decisions by choosing which validators to support. 

Established in 2017 by Dom Povilauskas, William Norton, and Jonas Simanavicius, Syntropy was initially based on the Polkadot chain but later transitioned to Cosmos for further Web3 development and creating a user-centric, privacy-first internet. This initiative is augmented by the NOIA token, which acts as the fuel for its value-based economy and is used to collect fees for transactions executed on the network. 

How does Syntropy (NOIA) work? 

Syntropy employs a unique technology known as the Decentralized Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP), which is designed to efficiently map and optimize the flow of internet traffic. This technology works by intelligently navigating the complex web of internet routes, ensuring data travels via the most efficient paths available. Essentially, DARP helps to streamline and speed up how information is transmitted across the internet, leading to enhanced overall network performance and reliability. Node operators are rewarded in NOIA tokens for the amount of traffic they relay, providing an economic incentive to enhance network performance. Furthermore, Syntropy's mainnet, which allows developers full access to build on its layer, is geared toward transforming the public internet into a decentralized economy.

What makes Syntropy (NOIA) unique?

Syntropy's standout feature is its ability to reshape how the world interacts with blockchain data, functioning as an On-Chain Streaming Oracle for Web3. This involves providing real-time, multi-chain data access, thus democratizing the access to blockchain information. Syntropy's ecosystem is vibrant, encompassing data publishers, developers, applications, and end-users who use the Data Layer to ensure swift access to real-time and historical on-chain data. Additionally, Syntropy's technological compatibility with the existing public internet positions it as a unifying layer, enhancing encryption and optimization. The NOIA token model, focusing on payments for accessing services on the Syntropy Network, offers flexibility through subscription models or bandwidth usage-based payments.

Syntropy (NOIA) presents a forward-thinking solution to the current limitations of the internet, offering enhanced security, privacy, and efficiency. Its unique approach to smart traffic routing and decentralized data access positions it for innovating blockchain technology and for the integration into our daily internet use.

The NOIA token: Utility & tokenomics

Currently, NOIA has a Circulating Supply of 729,553,097 tokens with a Market Cap of $69,792,485 (January, 2024). The Total Supply of NOIA is 1,000,000,000 tokens. 

The ERC-20 NOIA token, a fundamental component of Syntropy's Data Layer, serves several key functions within its ecosystem:

Utility in Data Transactions: NOIA tokens are crucial for data transactions in Syntropy's network, much like 'gas' in blockchain transactions. These tokens facilitate the execution and validation of transactions on the platform, ensuring smooth operation and data exchange.

Incentive Alignment: In the Syntropy ecosystem, the NOIA token is vital for aligning the interests of various stakeholders. It acts as a reward mechanism, incentivizing contributors such as data publishers and transaction validators. This setup encourages ongoing and active participation, vital for the network's health and growth.

Staking Rewards: Syntropy has implemented a staking program for NOIA token holders, offering a method of earning passive income. Staking is a common feature in blockchain networks, allowing token holders to earn additional tokens by locking their holdings in the network. This not only provides rewards to the holders but also contributes to the network's security and robustness.

Specific Utilities and Tokenomics: The Syntropy team has outlined a variety of utilities for the NOIA token, including establishing end-to-end encrypted connections, network configuration storage and changes, bandwidth contract trading, and data routing within the Syntropy Network. The token distribution includes allocations for token sales, the team, advisors, community, future reserves, and master node reward subsidies.

History of Syntropy (NOIA)

Syntropy, originally known as NOIA, was founded with a vision to transform the public internet into a secure and user-centric platform. The company was established to bring real-time, multi-chain data access to life through its On-Chain Streaming Oracle for Web3, powered by their proprietary technology stack. This initiative aims to revolutionize the blockchain data landscape by eliminating reliance on centralized data services and offering faster, multi-chain data access.

The core team behind Syntropy consists of seasoned professionals and co-founders:

Dom Povilauskas, who serves as the CEO.

Jonas Simanavicius, holding the position of CTO.

Domantas Jaskunas, acting as the COO.

These founders are supported by a board of strategic advisors comprising veteran developers, blockchain experts, and leaders from Fortune 500 companies.

One of the notable collaborations in Syntropy's history is the integration with Elon Musk’s Starlink. This partnership focused on testing a new integration with Starlink, using the NOIA token to find faster pathways for internet traffic. The announcement of this collaboration coincided with a significant surge in the price of NOIA tokens, highlighting the market's positive response to this development.

Syntropy's evolution to its current state represents a significant shift in focus, expanding from a single project or application to a broader movement aimed at improving the internet. The company's ecosystem is a collaborative effort of data publishers, developers, applications, and end-users, all working towards democratizing blockchain data access.

Price history and performance of Syntropy (NOIA)

NOIA began its trading journey in August, 2019, at an initial price value of $0.058. The asset remained largely undiscovered and traded below its initial listing price for about a year. In 2020, the “DeFi Summer” positively impacted NOIA’s price and the asset was now trading in the green, at peaks of around $0.13. From here onwards, Syntropy’s token NOIA showcased increased investor confidence and embarked on a bull run that pushed the asset at record values of $0.27 in December 2020, $0.5 in February 2021, and its all-time high of $0.82 in March 2021. 

After a rapid descent in the summer of 2021, NOIA rebounded back one last time, testing the $0.5 level in September. For the following year, NOIA continued its gradual cool-down, touching levels around $0.01. Since then, the token has traded roughly in the range of $0.01 - $0.1. 

How to buy Syntropy (NOIA)?

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