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Circuits of Value





The price of Circuits of Value has fallen by 3.40% in the past 7 days. The price declined by 0.58% in the last 24 hours. The current price is €1.00 per COVAL. Circuits of Value is 1,686.84% below the all time high of €0.0559.

The current circulating supply is 1,784,838,483.9 COVAL.

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What is Circuits of Value (COVAL)?

Circuits of Value, symbolized by the COVAL token, is an innovative cryptocurrency project that strives to revolutionize how digital assets are managed and traded. Launched in 2020, its primary goal is to create a cohesive and adaptable ecosystem within the blockchain domain. At the heart of this ecosystem is the Emblem Vault, a pioneering platform that enables the consolidation and exchange of a wide array of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), across different blockchain networks.

The Emblem Vault functions by allowing users to create a single Ethereum-based NFT, which can encapsulate multiple digital assets from various blockchains. This encapsulation process transforms the way assets are handled, creating a composite token that holds various individual assets. For instance, a single Emblem Vault NFT can contain a mixed basket of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins or tokens, including NFTs, making it a versatile and powerful tool for asset management.

The COVAL token underpins this ecosystem, facilitating the operations within the Emblem Vault. It is used for various purposes, such as creating new vaults, paying for transaction fees, and accessing specific features of the platform. The utility of COVAL lies in its ability to streamline the process of managing diverse assets across blockchains, offering users a simplified, efficient, and innovative way to handle their digital assets portfolio.

The Circuits of Value project stands out for its potential to create new opportunities in the digital asset space, including in sectors like decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFT marketplaces. The ability to combine various assets into a single tradable entity opens up novel avenues for investment strategies and asset utilization.

How does Circuits of Value (COVAL) work? 

Circuits of Value operates primarily through its novel Emblem Vault, a unique tool in the cryptocurrency space. The Emblem Vault is an Ethereum-based platform that allows users to aggregate various digital assets from multiple blockchains into a single Ethereum-based non-fungible token (NFT). This process essentially creates a virtual "vault" that can contain a mix of different assets, including cryptocurrencies from various blockchains and NFTs.

Here's a breakdown of how it works:

Vault Creation: Users can create these vaults using COVAL tokens. To form a vault, a fixed fee is paid in COVAL tokens, along with the necessary network gas fee. The cost of creating a vault is standardized, making it predictable and transparent for users.

Asset Aggregation: Within these vaults, users can bundle assets from a range of blockchains, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, Polygon, and others. This feature enables a significant increase in the liquidity of these assets, as they can be traded or managed as a single entity.

Public and Private Vaults: Users have the option to create either public or private vaults. Public vaults display their content and addresses openly, while private vaults offer encrypted protection, enhancing privacy and security for the assets contained within.

Trade and Management: Once a vault is created, users can put it up for sale, either by adding their crypto addresses for direct payment or by selling it on open Ethereum marketplaces. This flexibility allows for ease in trading and transferring assets.

Use Cases: Emblem Vault has various use cases, such as creating digital art backed by value, tradable portfolios, liquidity pools, funds, gift cards, coupons, untraceable transfers, and secure transactions with digital files.

Circuits of Value, through Emblem Vault, offers a multi-functional tool that simplifies the management and transfer of assets across multiple blockchains, significantly contributing to the interoperability within the crypto ecosystem​​​​​​.

What makes Circuits of Value (COVAL) unique?

Circuits of Value (COVAL) distinguishes itself in the blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape through several innovative features:

Emblem Vault's Cross-Chain Compatibility: The Emblem Vault, a central component of COVAL, is a groundbreaking tool that enables users to bundle various assets from multiple blockchains into a single Ethereum-based vault (NFT). This feature facilitates the trading of diverse assets, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, and others, as a single token, enhancing liquidity and reducing scalability issues across networks.

Versatile Use Cases: The Emblem Vault offers a wide range of applications, from creating digital art backed by value to assembling tradable portfolios. It allows for the creation of liquidity pools, funds, gift cards, coupons, and enables untraceable transfers and secure storage of digital files. This flexibility makes COVAL a valuable tool for both personal and business use in the crypto space.

Privacy and Security: COVAL introduces private vaults that enhance user privacy by allowing encryption and decryption of assets. This aspect is particularly important for users who prioritize confidentiality in their crypto transactions.

Dual Token System: COVAL operates within the Emblem ecosystem with two tokens - COVAL and FUEL. While COVAL is the primary utility token used for creating vaults and other transactions within and outside the Emblem platform, FUEL acts as a transactional token, specifically within the Emblem platform, offering discounts for creating vaults and other functionalities.

Innovative Approach to Transactions: COVAL's approach to asset management and exchange within the blockchain space is unique. It changes the traditional way of handling transactions by allowing the transfer of multiple assets across blockchains in a single operation.

The COVAL token: Utility & tokenomics

The COVAL token is an integral part of the Circuits of Value ecosystem, particularly for its Emblem Vault platform. Here's a detailed overview of its utility and tokenomics:

Dual Token Economy: The Circuits of Value ecosystem operates with a dual token model consisting of COVAL and FUEL tokens. While COVAL is the primary utility token used within and outside of the Emblem platform, FUEL serves as a transactional token exclusively used within the Emblem platform.

Creating and Managing Vaults: COVAL tokens are used for creating vaults in the Emblem Vault system. Users can store, sell, or transfer various digital assets using these vaults, and the creation of a vault requires a fee payable in COVAL tokens.

Discounted Vaulting with FUEL: Users can opt to use FUEL tokens for activities within the Emblem platform. Using FUEL provides discounts for creating vaults and potentially for other future functionalities on the Emblem platform.

Perpetual Liquidity and Token Burn: An interesting aspect of the COVAL economy is the perpetual liquidity feature post-launch. The COVAL collected during the launch of Emblem Vaults are burned, reducing the total and circulating supply of the token. This mechanism is designed to make the remaining COVAL tokens more scarce.

Launch Day Token Model: At the launch of Emblem Vault, creating a vault was priced at a special rate of 300 COVAL, approximately equivalent to 3 USD. This pricing model was subject to change in response to market conditions of COVAL.

How to buy Circuits of Value (COVAL)?

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