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XCM Updates for Q3 and Beyond

by Kamil S


A 360° View Around Our Most Important Product

Throughout this summer we have been delivering on our promises with the 15 Weeks of Summer campaign: new listings, new partnerships and innovative technology aboard the Coinmetro Exchange. But more than anything, our own XCM token was strengthened with a number of utilities and tokenomics designed to bring value to its holders. This is the first of many steps we are taking to focus on the ongoing innovation process around XCM.

New XCM Page

To better understand everything about XCM, today we launched a new page that speaks volumes about our own token. The new XCM Token Page is home to our most important product and will help you understand how XCM fuels the Coinmetro exchange and brings value to its holders.

Beautifully crafted, the new XCM Token Page provides a roadmap to the elaborate innovations we are building around XCM. Going forward, our token will be an ever-growing digital asset, always growing better with new utility programs built around it and new tokenomics.

How Is XCM Growing

This summer is bringing more value around our XCM token, with new tokenomics and rewards for its holders. Here are some recent milestones and future steps:

  • XCM Margin Fees Reduced to 0 – We have activated negative fees on XCM long positions! This means while the price is moving sideways, you will not be penalized with margin fees. We understand our loyal community and XCM holders are supporting us and want to make sure we are on their side and give back.
  • Record-Breaking 500,000 XCM Burn Event – A few weeks ago we had a major XCM burn event worth approximately $300,000. The 500k XCM burn is an ongoing commitment from our side to give more utility and value to the XCM token. This provides a deflationary character to XCM, by decreasing the total supply and increasing the buy pressure. More future burn events and utility are already scheduled.
  • XCM on Margin – All Coinmetro users are now able to use XCM as collateral on Margin! The new update allows you to use our Margin product even when just holding XCM. Moreover, the 25k EUR margin limit has now been raised to 50k EUR, giving you the opportunity to essentially double your position size and exposure or stay safer with more of a buffer. To give you more leverage, we have planned another increase to the Margin Limit in the near future.
  • XCM Staking Limit Increase – Back in June, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of the XCM Staking program. We marked the occasion by raising the XCM Staking maximum from 500,000 to 1,000,000. With this, one of the most lucrative passive income plans in the industry just got better. The Multi-Asset Rewards (MARs) plan will keep evolving, integrating more assets in the future, besides the currently available FLUX, KDA, and THT.

XCM Fuels the Exchange of the Future

XCM is a complex digital asset proving that finance can be more inclusive and accessible. Fueling every process on our exchange, XCM is complex in nature, but simple to use and integrate. Our most important product features unique tokenomics making the asset deflationary and rewarding its holders.

Read all about it on the XCM Token Page!

How are you taking advantage of XCM? Join the ever-growing Coinmetro community on Discord and Telegram and let us know! To include XCM in your portfolio today, take action now and sign up to our platform in just a few steps.


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