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New Staking Programs at Coinmetro

by Kamil S


More Income Streams are Now Available

Looking around, the current inflation 📉⬇️ is haunting us more than the entirety of Halloween 🦇🎃. And it will not go away tomorrow. We are seeing fit to respond with innovative crypto solutions designed to reward and put you on an exponential rise.     

Here’s what’s happening: we are introducing new staking opportunities at Coinmetro. Get familiar with the prime crypto assets that are now available in our passive income program. An opportunity to set up your investment so that your money works for you

We know a good investment plan when we see it. In all honesty, there are few around with traditional investment. How come the annual interest rate on banks savings accounts have gone from 11-12% to 1-2% in the last 40 years? Alternative investment solutions can not only prop the fiat nosedive, but also offer a rewarding crypto portfolio that keeps giving back.

Your Crypto Works for You

Welcome ADA, LTO, KSM, DOT, XTZ and MATIC to Coinmetro staking! Let’s proceed with some figures that frame up this investment. Here’s how much you can earn:

ADA = up to 4% 

LTO = up to 12.8%

KSM = up to 12.2%

DOT = up to 11.8% 

XTZ = up to 4.25% 

MATIC = up to 4.8%

All these staking plans are now available at your favorite crypto ecosystem. Get familiar with the assets and map your climb out of this chilly market.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could customize your investment plan, just as you do with everything else in your life? Today, anybody and everybody can choose to put their crypto to work and earn more in the process. Staking can potentially bring you new income streams that set you on a path towards growth. 

When you stake crypto, your assets become an intrinsic part of the blockchain economy. Your participation is contributing to validating transactions and the good functioning of the network. The best part – you earn back money. More precisely – this works like a savings account, just with better return rates and more options. Get to know the staking selection above and the lucrative rewards. 

How to Stake Crypto at Coinmetro

Adding weight to your portfolio starts with a good selection of earning mechanisms.   

Staking crypto at Coinmetro is simple and easy, allowing you to join and start earning immediately. Choose something you understand. If you look at the above return rates, you will see tangible rewards across the board. Putting together a staking plan is up to you. Fortunately, you have meaningful options that you can integrate. 

Take a moment to understand how it works. By clicking on the assets listed above, you can access educational and informative content about each project. Our desire is to support our products with knowledge and learning opportunities so that you can make an informed choice. 

Leverage your entry with some return rates you fancy. We selected projects that are shaping the blockchain scape as we speak. When you feel inspired and confident, express your vote on how the future of money will look like.

Yes, it’s true. Every time we spend and invest money, a vote is casted on the future of this planet. Put your energy and money where you will earn back more. You need to start earning money while you sleep because truth be told, inflation never does. 

Learn more about staking crypto in this BLOG.

People-Facing Crypto Products

All the effort on the new staking program has been developed in close cooperation with you and members of the Coinmetro community. By listening to everyone’s voice, we are able to understand and fine-tune our offerings so that you can efficiently integrate them.

As the markets are testing their bottoms (with some saying the worst is yet to come), people are searching for valuable and timeless investments. Opportunities that can provide a positive exit out of this bear market. People need financial products customized around their needs and profile, not the other way around. In time, innovation earns back value and can offer more income streams for anybody, regardless of their profile. 

Staking at Coinmetro is not new. Have a look at this short guide on how to stake crypto to learn more about how passive income is evolving. With people-facing products and a people-centric attitude, Coinmetro is advancing access for all since 2018. We are working every day, future-proofing the crypto world, offering options you can look up to.

What does the future of investment look like in your eyes? We would love to hear all about it on our Discord and Telegram channels. Join the conversation and help us drive the change toward global crypto adoption. Sign-up to Coinmetro now to start your new financial journey. Head to our ecosystem now if you are a registered user, to experience a premium trading and investment medium.


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