Future-Proofing the Crypto World


Coinmetro Roadmap for Q4


Innovation and development are always happening at Coinmetro headquarters! For Q4, more programs, products and opportunities are already lined up on our roadmap in the months to come. As always, we are excited to share the good news with you first. It’s great having such an amazing community that propels us forward to offer crypto products and financial services built around individual feedback and needs. Let’s have a look at how we are going to keep ourselves busy in the coming months.


XCM Token Updates

Throughout our development plan, XCM is sitting front and center, being our most important product. We have developed an XCM Roadmap, as well as a dedicated page for our Token – the XCM Token Page. Check out both to understand how XCM is maturing and fueling the exchange of the future.

XCM Burn events will continue as part of our ongoing commitment to give more utility and value to the ecosystem. This provides a deflationary character to XCM.

Next up, an XCM Buy Bonus is in the making, doubled by a community-requested staking Tier Overhaul. XCM is at the core of the Coinmetro exchange, giving you multiple opportunities to earn.


New Staking Program

Our staking program will be updated very soon. More prime crypto assets will enter the plan. Get ready to stake MATIC, LTO, ADA, KSM, DOT, and XTZ. In other words, get ready to make money work for you.

Did you know? Record-high inflation is eating away at everybody’s savings. Do you have a plan for the current bear market? Staking is a new and innovative way of earning. By staking crypto, you can earn back rewards while your assets are used to verify blockchain network transactions. The innovative income plan can be set up fast and easy, without the stiff procedures of traditional investments, potentially offering rewards that outpace what banks give on savings accounts.

With the new staking options, our MARs (Multi-Asset Rewards) program also gets bigger and better, helping you diversify and earn simultaneously.


Margin Trading Platform Launch

The new Margin Trading platform is around the corner, it is our biggest milestone product in the short term. The Coinmetro collective is now focused on the improved Margin product and we will be leaking screenshots to the community as early as the first week of November, with the launch coming a few weeks later.

The new platform will give you 5x leverage with high margin limits – up to $250,000. The feature-rich product will allow you to view, manage and open positions with ease, taking advantage of advanced API access. This delivers the means to act with confidence, using a product designed for speed and performance.

The Margin Trading platform will be supported by content designed to get everybody on board and provide educational value. The current bear market is an opportunity to learn something new about trading and investing, and we believe the Margin product is one way to efficiently leverage this period to your advantage.

In true Coinmetro fashion, the Margin exchange will have low daily fees! Fees on borrowed margin are calculated hourly and charged only once daily at 0.08%.


DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging)

“Buy the Dip!” so they say. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could say when the bottom hit? Since nobody can accurately predict the future 100% of the time, what we can do instead is be prepared with the right strategy and tools. For this, we will implement the DCA method allowing you to easily grow your crypto portfolio over time. Invest according to a predefined set of rules structured according to market conditions, your budget and your goals. More precisely, using DCA gives you the possibility to invest in predefined amounts at predetermined time intervals.

Why is this important? With the DCA investing methodology, you will be able to progressively scale in or out of any investment, better mitigating market volatility. DCA is coming soon on Coinmetro, alongside valuable educational content designed for beginners and pros alike.


Mobile App Keeps Getting Better

We will soon push forward yet another Mobile App update designed to keep you on top of the markets. The forthcoming Price Alerts feature keeps you in sync with the price movements of the assets you’re following, allowing for better decision-making. Apple and Google – Pay, Login and Signup integration will also be available shortly, giving you instant access and deposit times.

On another note, as the sign-ups have recently increased, we felt the need to improve our mobile KYC solution. With this, users who perform KYC right on their mobile devices will have a smooth run through the entire process, wasting no time with unnecessary legwork.


Market-Leading Design

Our products and technology are continually augmented from several design angles. Get ready for a Complete Dark Mode Overhaul with OLED, a redesign of the Staking Page, and improvements on the Exchange and Margin platform, as well as Wallet Page updates. All this will give you a seamless trading experience, elevating your perception so you can better focus on the action.



More innovation will enter the Coinmetro exchange soon: Promo Campaigns, Copy Trading platform, Backify Integration and other strategies. Check out the visual roadmap above so you can get familiar with our plans. It is your journey too and we are looking forward for you to try the new products first-hand and give us your opinion.


Coinmetro is committed to the long run and if you’ve been with us for a while, you already know this. Together, we find new ways to circulate more value into the community.

We invite you to browse through our Learning Lab to learn something new every day. If you are not already a Coinmetroid, you can start experiencing our new platform now by signing up for an account. Head to our exchange if you are a registered user to experience a premium trading and investing product. Let us know your thoughts about our journey as a company by joining Coinmetro’s Discord and Telegram channels.