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Flux Staking on Coinmetro

by Kamil S


Another opportunity to earn passive income at Coinmetro has arrived with the addition of Flux Staking.

FluxNodes – Flux Staking

Coinmetro’s FluxNodes are a sustainable, long-term opportunity for our users to be a real part of the exciting Flux Ecosystem, and generate passive income at the same time!

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What are FluxNodes?

In short, they power the entire Flux Ecosystem. These enterprise grade computing nodes, known as FluxNodes, generate rewards for those who have dedicated their computing power to power the network. The tiered rewards are paid in the form of the FLUX cryptocurrency.

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But not everyone has the assets, or equipment, required to keep a FluxNode operating at all times. That’s where we come in!

What is FLUX?

FLUX is the native cryptocurrency of the Flux Network, a decentralized computing cloud service/blockchain-as-a-service solution with a growing ecosystem around it. A fundamental piece of the ecosystem is the Flux software Zelcore, a DeFi wallet powered by Flux.

Network participants, known as stakers, contribute resources to the network. In turn, they’re paid for their contribution. To participate, locking of FLUX is required. The more FLUX that gets locked will increase the return.

How does Flux Staking work?

Coinmetro handles all of the grunt work, computing power, and other technical aspects of operating the FluxNodes. However, for you, we’ve made it incredibly easy. 

To get started, the Flux Staking dashboard can be accessed from the navigation menu, under Earn > FluxNodes. All you need is a minimum of 50 FLUX in your Coinmetro account. If your bag hasn’t quite been filled up that much yet, buying FLUX can be done in a couple clicks.

Customize your own Flux Staking plan

If all of this wasn’t great enough, you even get to customize a staking plan to fit your own investing goals! Simply decide how much Flux you want to stake, and choose a duration. That’s literally all you have to do! The “Summary” section will automatically update to reflect the details of your custom plan, including your estimated monthly rewards.To find out more about the rewards, check out the FLUX Token Economics.

Any amount higher than 50 FLUX tokens will be accepted and they can be staked for either one month, three months, six months, or one year. Please be sure to read the FLUX Node Program Agreement before you enter a long-term commitment. Ending a plan early comes with a penalty. 50% of the total paid rewards for the plan will be deducted. To end your plan early, click the “Close” button. A confirmation popup will display the penalty applied, if you choose to confirm.

Flux Staking Rewards

Rewards update in real time! You can watch the passive income roll in. At a time of your choosing, simply claim the pending rewards to add them to your account. Once per month, the pending rewards are moved from pending to Paid rewards. When your staking plan ends, any pending rewards together with your paid rewards are moved to “Total Available” and can be cashed out at any time.

Cashing out your rewards will deposit FLUX to your main account balance, and generate a matching entry in your Transaction History.

So, what are you waiting for? You could be earning passive income as we speak! Sign up for a Coinmetro account and begin Flux Staking today!

Questions? Join our Telegram community and tag our CEO Kevin Murcko.


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