Flux, Zelcore & CoinMetro Partnership


We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Flux NetworkZelcore! CoinMetro, Flux & Zelcore will come together to develop new technologies around “ease-of-use” for fiat onramps, centralized exchange development, and more! 


  • XCM token listing on Zelcore multi-asset platform
  • FLUX token listing on CoinMetro – USD & BTC pairs
  • Full CoinMetro exchange integration into Zelcore
DeFi & Flux token coming soon to CoinMetro

Flux listing on CoinMetro.

CoinMetro is always focused on you, the end-user! This exciting partnership will help us make the user experience even better. Our well-rounded metropolis is far beyond your average crypto exchange. Now, CoinMetro’s financial ecosystem is expanding once again!

Zel is deploying a hard fork on March 27th and the new asset will be Flux. You can find more info about the Flux token on CoinMarketCap

Partnership Details

This new CoinMetro – Flux-Zelcore partnership creates the opportunity to address the needs of end-users and allows both companies to have competitive advantages over fully centralized models like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, BlockFi, & many others.

Flux: Your Gateway to a Decentralized World

New Listings

First of all, the partnership means new listings! The FLUX token will be listed on CoinMetro’s exchange with the FIRST EVER USD trading pair! In addition to USD/FLUX, users will be able to trade the BTC/FLUX pair as well.

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New and existing users will be able to simply swap any crypto or fiat asset to FLUX tokens, or liquidate FLUX to any supported asset within the easy to use widget seen below.

Simple crypto swaps on CoinMetro

Simple Crypto/Fiat Swaps.

There will also be several other new listings on CoinMetro as ALL the FLUX-based tokens will be added. This includes FLUX-KDA, which will be the first. These parallel assets allow cross chain interoperability, providing Flux the ability to use other trusted chains and a deep level of access to Defi projects.

Partnerships go both ways, right? This means XCM is also coming to the Zelcore platform as well! Zelcore will list the XCM token and will have the same trading pairs that are available on CoinMetro (USD, EUR, & ETH).

Fiat On/Off Ramps

A major facet of this agreement will be to bring fiat on & off ramps to the Zelcore platform. Both companies share the belief that compliance & regulation are of utmost importance, meaning KYC will play a role.

Flux partnership brings DeFi to CoinMetro

Flux brings DeFi to CoinMetro.

Therefore, CoinMetro’s comprehensive KYC solution we’ve built from scratch will be integrated with Zelcore. This will be a very smooth process & verification an absolute breeze.

That KYC integration will also provide access to fiat ramps for Zelcore users. This improves the user experience tremendously as it eliminates barriers for buying FLUX & other crypto assets on Zelcore.

So there you have it! Our partnership with Zelcore is mutually beneficial and both communities will immediately see an improved user experience. Stay tuned for A LOT more to come!

Follow these links to learn more about Zelcore & the Flux Network.