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Democratizing Access to the Crypto Market

by Kamil S


We have entered Q4 of what can unanimously be called a rough year. Inflation continues to rise to sky-high levels, political and social turmoil are impacting the global economy, with the markets, supply chains and about every single wallet on the planet being affected. This perfect recipe for a bear market challenged us to become better and find new ways to consolidate our products.In several previous years, Q4 had proved to be bullish.Will we experience a market rally as we close in on this year? One thing is certain, regardless of market sentiment, at Coinmetro, we will keep moving forward. As was the case throughout the entire summer, the last three months of this year will bring more innovation and value to the Coinmetro exchange. Let’s do a quick recap of how have we kept ourselves busy lately and what are our next steps as a company.

Referral Program Update

You know it! Being a Coinmetroid comes with special benefits. Recently, we introduced the much-anticipated upgrade of our Referral Program. You can now earn a $10 bonus for every friend you bring to Coinmetro. And they’ll earn $10 as well! The Referral Program is aimed at strengthening our community and giving back to the people who support us. But there’s more! We have come up with ingenious ways to reward you and also to encourage everybody to spread the word and join the ranks. Here’s how it works:

  • Invite as many people as you want to sign-up with Coinmetro.
  • You earn 40% of all exchange fees each referral pays on the platform.
  • You earn 40% of all Margin Trading fees each referral pays on the platform.
  • You also get 10% of the exchange fee portion for each of your referral’s referrals.

Spread the good news with your friends and have them join Coinmetro today to be part of a people-centric and transparent crypto exchange.

New Swap Feature: Buy Your Portfolio

We spent the summer by listing and partnering with a selected portfolio of prime crypto assets. Our 15 Weeks of Summer campaign introduced assets like UOS (Ultra)(KSM) Kusama and NEAR (Near Protocol) on the Coinmetro exchange. Our summer-long effort was followed up adequately with the Buy Your Portfolio feature.

What is this all about? The new Swap feature allows you to buy more of your own portfolio in just one simple trade. Simple as that! With only one trade, you can extend all your holdings, without having to do multiple transactions for each asset.

Our new Swap feature enables users to buy and sell any of the 50 cryptocurrencies with just a few clicks, at a fixed rate and with no trading fee! The tool is beautifully designed to serve beginners and pros alike, allowing everybody to act faster and with confidence when the situation calls for it. With this service, Coinmetro has become the first major crypto exchange to allow investors to buy more of their own portfolios in one simple trade. How will you be taking advantage of the new Swap feature Buy Your Portfolio?

A Major Milestone – The New Spot Exchange

At the beginning of September, we introduced a brand new, premium Spot Exchange platform. The new Exchange has been in Beta for over 6 months. Our team has been actively gathering feedback from the community as well as having regular meetings to design and improve every feature of the spot trading experience. We wanted to make sure the Exchange is stable, performant, visually pleasing, and easy to use.

What this means: when opening the Exchange on desktop or mobile, you will be immediately taken to the brand new Spot Exchange. We’ve added new features and pushed a huge update to our mobile browser, also leveraged by our Mobile App. So no matter where you check the Coinmetro exchange, you will be benefiting from the new experience.

The new platform essentially unblocks the next major product releases which are the Margin Trading and Copy Trading platforms. We are counting on your feedback! We’ve released a new typeform allowing you to quickly send reports. We will be rewarding up to 100 XCM per report. If you are looking for a more serious reward, you can find our Bug Bounty here. It pays higher but it is for more experienced individuals.

Let us know what you think of the new Exchange and how we can make this premium trading product even better.

Important Future Milestones for Q4

Excitement is bound to carry on with the entire community, as we are ramping up new products and solutions designed for collective progress:

  • After being in beta for 6 months, the new Margin Trading Platform is around the corner and it is our biggest milestone product in the short term. The new platform will give you 5x leverage with high margin limits – potentially up to $250,000. The feature-rich product will allow you to view, manage and open positions with ease, taking advantage of advanced API access. In true Coinmetro fashion, the Margin exchange will have low daily fees! Fees on borrowed margin are calculated hourly and charged only once daily at 0.08%.
  • We have scheduled more XCM burn events in the future, as part of our ongoing commitment to give more utility and value to the XCM token. This provides a deflationary character to XCM, by decreasing the total supply and encouraging the buy pressure.
  • Our MARs (Multi-Asset Rewards) passive income program will keep growing with more assets being added to the system, eventually helping you diversify and earn simultaneously. Currently, FLUX and THT are included in the program. Next up, ADA, XTZ, DOT, ETH, KSM and LTO are bound to enter our lucrative passive income plan soon – a solid selection of prime crypto assets. Stay tuned so you can find out about the new additions in a timely manner.
  • During this bear market, the best thing you can do is be prepared with the right strategy and tools. For this, we will implement the DCA (dollar-cost averaging) method allowing you to structure your investment with adequate leverage. More precisely, the DCA method gives you the possibility to invest predefined amounts at predetermined time intervals. Why is this important? With the DCA investing methodology, you will be able to progressively scale in or out of any investment, better mitigating market volatility.

More positive changes are already scheduled for this Q4 and beyond. We are looking forward to introducing them to you and the entire community. Stay around so you can try the products first-hand and tell us what you think. This way we are able to better understand your needs and come up with innovative solutions for you.

Quote of the Week

“The community is constantly giving us the opportunity to become a better company. How do we know what products our users want? We ask them.”

Kevin Murcko – CEO & Founder, Coinmetro

Check out this video interview with Kevin for Nordic Fintech Magazine, in which the Coinmetro CEO talks about democratizing access to the crypto market through community, simplicity and trust. If you are new to the Coinmetro community, know that Kevin has always been a people-person CEO. For years now, he has been doing weekly AMA sessions in order to keep close to the community and acknowledge all opinions and feedback. This is helping us tremendously in giving you back products and services designed around your needs. Check out Kevin’s own website to find out about his journey in finance and crypto.

Innovation never stops at Coinmetro HQ! So stick close and let us know what you think by joining the conversation on our Discord and Telegram channels to chat, have fun and learn something new every day. Sign-up today, or head to our new exchange if you are already a user, to experience a premium trading platform.


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