Coinmetro Launches A Brand New Exchange


A Major Milestone – A New Spot Exchange

We’ve hit a major milestone unblocking a critical path forward for Coinmetro!…Today we launch our brand new Spot Exchange.

The new Exchange has been in Beta for over 6 months. Our team has been actively gathering feedback from the community as well as having regular meetings designing and improving every feature on the spot trading experience. We wanted to make sure the Exchange is stable, performant, visually pleasing, and easy to use.

What this means.

When opening the Exchange on desktop or mobile, you will be immediately taken to the brand new Spot Exchange. We’ve added new features and pushed a huge update to the mobile browser version, also leveraged by our Mobile APP. So no matter where you check the Coinmetro exchange, you will be seeing the new experience.

“This is a big deal”

As the Exchange is accessible in the APP with all active trading pairs, it means our core service is dramatically improved for all new users. With Marketing bringing in new clients, it’s critical we serve them with the best possible experience.

It also unblocks the next major product release which is the Margin Trading platform. Plotting a trajectory to grow our monthly active users on the Margin platform by 5x in the short term, it is important that we open up this experience to everyone and we’ll be working with your feedback to accommodate the next million users!

Beyond that we can now proceed with developing the future of Copy Trading, as it sits on the Margin platform for Copy Trading managers.

Next Steps for the Exchange

Quality of life improvements (desktop + mobile)
Expect order form and header improvements, improved padding for better data display, and additional methods of customization. We’ll be updating the UI to decrease clutter and continue simplifying the overall look and feel of the platform.

Improved asset selection
We have a very intuitive mobile design update in the pipeline that improves key navigation. This will be possible after we release the new Margin Trading platform. It involves leveraging the Markets page to select pairs and even switch from the Exchange to Margin; seamlessly.

Multiple new listings

We have a shortlist of assets for listing in the coming weeks, plus many others being actively researched and entering a selection process for internal voting.

Earn crypto by reporting bugs!

You can even earn by reporting bugs and feedback to our team! We’ve released a new typeform which allows you to quickly send reports. We will be rewarding up to 100 XCM per report.

Note: If you are looking for a more serious Bug Bounty, you can find our Bug Bounty here. It pays higher rewards but is for more experienced individuals.

If you would like to share feedback in any other way, we would be happy to hear from you on Discord, Telegram or via our 24/7 Live Chat.

Changes based on feedback

We are always keen to hear from our community. Members of our team are responsive and engaged with our clients to make sure we are building the best and most reliable products in the crypto space.

What about the old Exchange?

We have removed the “old” exchange which is now named “Classic”, and it can be found here for the next 90 days. We hope you are comfortable with the new version, and welcome all feedback and ideas if you feel we have missed something or could improve the new Exchange.


– Oliver G