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Coinmetro - Backify Integration

by Kamil S


Earn Crypto When You Shop Online

Back in April, we shared the exciting news of the Coinmetro SSO (Single Sign-On) Integration with Backify, showcasing the value of our expanding merchant and SaaS offerings. Today, there’s more good news as Backify has integrated Coinmetro merchant services, allowing you to instantly withdraw balances into crypto.

Why is this important? This partnership will drive more users to Coinmetro, giving them the opportunity to cashout in 50+ Crypto assets including XCM. There’s more! In the future, XCM holders may benefit from increased cashback rates with Backify, a mechanism which adds utility to XCM outside of the Coinmetro ecosystem. Read on to understand how simple it is to join and take advantage.

How You Can Profit

This partnership essentially connects our users to countless merchant services with unique cashback opportunities. By shopping online with Backify you earn back cash from all transactions and USD, GBP or SEK currencies can instantly be converted to any crypto or fiat on the Coinmetro Swap Widget. Simply select the amount you want to withdraw from Backify and instantly swap it for any asset you wish to receive: BTC, ETH, QNT and others as well. 

As a Coinmetro user, you have access to a trusted third-party partner who can help you save money and circulate more value back into your wallet and portfolio

With this partnership, Backify becomes the world’s first cashback website to partner with a regulated and licensed crypto exchange. Being strong crypto advocates, its founders are excited to enable everyone instant access to crypto trading and investment. Try Backify today and use it every time you shop online. Watch your savings grow and instantly swap your rewards into crypto with Coinmetro. Start building your portfolio and embark on passive income plans that have few rivals across the crypto industry. Put your money to work with systems like MARs (Multi-Asset Rewards) that make a difference where it matters most – in your pocket.

A Global Cashback Platform

Backify is a global cashback site with fast expansion in the US, UK and Sweden, focusing on user experience and quality customer service. After raising €500,000 on the Coinmetro invest platform last year, they have built out an entire cashback platform and a comprehensive back office infrastructure. Backify now supports PayPal cashouts, featuring over 4,000 partnered stores. 

After the Coinmetro SSO (Single Sign-On) implementation, users gained access to Backify services, unlocking more value as they earn while shopping online.

Let us know how you are taking advantage of the Coinmetro – Backify SSO by sharing your thoughts on our Discord and Telegram channels. Sign-up to Coinmetro now to start a new financial journey – one revolving around your needs. Head to our ecosystem now if you are a registered user, to experience a premium trading and investment medium.


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