Backify Equity Offering


An exciting new company has just landed on CoinMetro’s digital securities marketplace! It’s called Backify and it is a cashback platform that will be the first in the world to offer payouts in multiple cryptocurrencies, allowing everyone to build, or add to, their portfolio with ease. This is a REAL equity offering at the ground floor of the project for as little as €10! This means you will be a real shareholder and can truly be a part of their amazing team. 

What is Backify?

Backify is a new cashback platform built for the digital world. It will be the first cashback site in the world to offer multiple crypto assets as payout options. This will be an incredibly easy way to earn more of your favorite crypto!

The company has created a strong brand identity and industry-leading design. The user interface is beautiful and it truly makes for a FUN online shopping experience. 

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CoinMetro & Backify share many of the same ideals & philosophies, so we’re excited to work together. Much like ourselves, they’re a really transparent team that cares about delivering high-quality and valuable services to their users. They pledge to be very open and engaged with their investors, community, and users. Therefore, our two companies are a perfect match!

How Does it Work?

Giving cashback is not new. It works like this: a platform like Backify is connected to multiple affiliate networks. These networks act as middlemen between hundreds or even thousands of stores and platforms that drive traffic and sales. We’re paid a commission from the affiliate network when a sale comes through Backify. Then Backify splits that commission with the user. Many stores sell the same products at similar prices, therefore Backify users will more than likely choose the store that offers cashback. So this is in fact a win-win-win solution from all ends!

With Backify, users can choose between shopping through the web platform or the convenient browser extension & mobile app.

Plans for the Future

The cashback industry has failed to keep up with the times. Most of the companies on the market have old websites and disappointing experiences for users. Backify is going to disrupt & dismantle the industry as you know it! With a cool brand, amazing customer support, & cryptocurrency withdrawal options, they’ll immediately prove to be superior to all the current competitors. 

The option for users to cashout their earnings in crypto is sure to revolutionize the industry. Backify will be the first in the world with this option, therefore this is the first key objective on their roadmap.

Initially launching in the US, UK & Sweden, global coverage is on the horizon. Backify will be expanding to all corners of the world and they’re planning to dominate the global cashback market.

Also like CoinMetro, Backify is always going to be working, tweaking, & improving. They’ll be launching auxiliary services to add additional value to users and new integrations with very progressive partners.

Equity Offering

We’re pumped to have the first-ever straight-to-equity offer on CoinMetro! Investors will get real equity in the company, complete with voting rights. €500,000 is the capped amount for the sale. This equals a total of 5% equity in the company with a current evaluation of €10mil.

Backify shares CoinMetro’s belief in knocking down barriers for retail investors, regular people, to get involved with exciting opportunities. Anyone can invest in Backify equity with just a €10 minimum investment! 

Equity Offering Benefits

This is your chance to get on board with an exciting startup before it fully launches! The potential for growth is HUGE at this ground floor stage. Usually, an opportunity like this is not within the realm of possibilities, unless you are part of a big VC fund or investment bank. As a shareholder of Backify, you will be eligible for future dividends, revenue sharing, and of course, your piece of the pie if the company ever gets sold.

Right now there is an early-bird special before April 1st. Get in early and you’ll earn an extra 10% cashback from Backify for life!

Anyone investing during this equity offering on CoinMetro can unlock up to 50% EXTRA cashback for life! Find out how more here.

So, make sure you grab this opportunity to add Backify equity to your portfolio with both hands!

CoinMetro is committed to bringing quality investment opportunities to our users so we’re proud to have Backify on our platform. We can’t wait to see them take the cashback industry by storm!

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