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What is Realio Network (RIO)?

Realio Network operates as an open-source, permissionless Layer 1 blockchain platform within the Cosmos ecosystem, focusing on tokenizing digital and real-world assets. The Proof of Stake (PoS) framework is tailored to serve both institutional and retail investors by providing a secure, compliant environment for digital asset investments. The platform supports various types of assets, including real estate, private equity, and venture capital funds, allowing users to issue, manage, and trade. Various passive income and investment streams stem from the participation in the network, fostering a robust community-driven ecosystem. Additionally, Realio's integration with the Cosmos ecosystem allows for inter-blockchain communication, expanding the possibilities for asset interoperability and enhancing the efficiency of cross-chain transactions.

How does Realio Network (RIO) work and what makes it unique?

Dual token: RIO & RST

One of the unique aspects of Realio Network is its dual token system, which comprises RIO and RST:

Realio Network Token (RIO): Operates as the utility token within the platform, enabling voting rights, transaction fee payments, participation in network governance, and staking. RIO was launched without a pre-mine or ICO, ensuring a fair distribution with a max supply of 75 million tokens. 

Realio Security Token (RST): While primarily a security token providing ownership and profit-sharing rights, RST can also be staked. Holders who stake RST have the opportunity to operate nodes, validating transactions and earning additional rewards from block generation and issuance fees. The total supply of RST tokens is capped at 50 million.


The Realio Network can tokenize various types of assets, including but not limited to:

Real Estate: Tokenization of properties allows fractional ownership, lowering the entry barrier for investors and improving liquidity in the real estate market.

Private Equity: Shares of private companies can be tokenized, enabling easier access for investors and providing companies with a flexible, alternative method of raising capital.

Debt Instruments: Bonds and other forms of debt can be tokenized, facilitating more efficient trading and management of debt securities.

Fine Art and Collectibles: By tokenizing art and collectibles, Realio Network can provide proof of ownership and provenance, and enable fractional ownership of expensive items.

Liquid Mining Fund (LMX)

The Liquid Mining Fund (LMX) represents a significant innovation in investment opportunities within the Realio Network, offering tokenized equity in Bitcoin mining operations that utilize advanced and sustainable technologies like immersion cooling to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Investors in the fund receive LMX tokens, which provide rights to the revenues generated from these mining operations. This setup not only democratizes access to the lucrative Bitcoin mining industry but also enhances liquidity and tradability of investments through tokenization. The fund aims to offer investors both the high growth potential of cryptocurrency ventures and the stability of regulated financial instruments.


Additionally, Realio Network's emphasis on regulatory compliance ensures that all tokenized assets adhere to legal standards, which is crucial for institutional investors and compliance-focused entities. This commitment to regulation not only helps protect investors but also increases the platform's credibility and stability in the financial marketplace.

The integration of these capabilities with blockchain technology provides a comprehensive solution that enhances the efficiency of asset management and investment, broadening access to capital and opportunities across markets. This approach leverages the advantages of digital transformation to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the evolving landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi), positioning Realio Network as a leader in the field of asset tokenization.

Realio Network (RIO) - Team & history

Realio Network was founded in 2018 by Derek Boirun, Aaron Gooch, Eduardo Romeiro, and Marcelo Moyano. The company is headquartered in New York, NY, focusing on the tokenization of digital and real-world assets through blockchain technology. Since its inception, Realio has raised a total of $537K in funding to support its development and expansion​. 

Realio Network's team is led by Derek Boirun, CEO & founder, with a background in commercial real estate development and blockchain-based investing. Boirun, having recognized the potential of blockchain technology as a fundraising tool, pivoted from traditional real estate to blockchain, aiming to democratize access to real estate investments.

The team's history reflects a commitment to innovation and regulatory compliance, driving Realio's mission to integrate blockchain solutions into real estate and beyond, tokenizing assets and opening new investment opportunities.

How to buy Realio Network (RIO)?

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