WhaleRoom Celebrates the Launch of SENTR3


When we first heard about WhaleRoom and how they wanted to change the social media & community space, we were excited from the start. WhaleRoom offers token-gated chat rooms for communities to have a safe and secure space to interact with other token holders.


As you may know, one of our core values is the relationship with people. We strongly believe in community building, 24/7 Live Chat support, and treating each person as a person is at the foundation of our business. Our listings are usually not “just listings.” We are always looking to form long-term partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships with businesses and people who share a similar vision and have values aligning with ours.

WhaleRoom is one of these companies and we are excited to see all the projects their team is building on an ongoing basis. Coinmetro CEO Kevin Murcko recently hosted an AMA with WhaleRoom co-founder Paul Adrien and you can read all about it here or watch the video replay.


This year we have listed the WhaleRoom token on our exchange and have been working hand-in-hand with them to help drive their vision.

Introducing SENTR3

SENTR3 is the enterprise edition of WhaleRoom to help enterprises leverage Web3 through the gating experience, NFT tokenization, NFT ticketing, and more. It is blockchain-agnostic, meaning it is integrated with leading public networks like Hathor and Ethereum and is working to integrate Kadena and Quant among others.

Why choose SENTR3 as your token gated solution?

Some unique benefits to help leverage opportunities in enterprise communities:

  • Craft custom token-gated and enterprise-ready experiences in weeks,  not months.
  • Token-gate access to valuable resources, content, and experiences with tokens and NFTs.
  • Protect the integrity of the project and brand by using a scalable tech stack.
  • Deploy custom features and branded suite of native web and mobile apps.

SENTR3 facilitates native priority customer support rooms with a white-label customers option featuring WHLC tokens. When you stake your WHL, you are given a quantity of WHLC social tokens to account for your portion of the P2P loyalty program pool that you have entered. For white-label customers, SENTR3 will be purchasing WHL tokens for customers as part of their purchase and distributing them to customer-approved hosts and moderator wallets post-deployment.

Regarding WHL holder tiers on the WhaleRoom side: ZEN becomes MOD – a new room with a minimum of 10 WHL/9 WHLC, SOLO becomes HOST (same WHL/WHLC room minimum) and a community utility will be added to the PRO, PRIME and APEX rooms. Read more about WhaleRooms loyalty program.

Paul Adrien is the CEO of SENTR3. Chris Defour has assumed CEO responsibilities for WhaleRoom and is its co-founder as well. WhaleRoom is the first white-label solution under the SENTR3 banner.

Find out more about how WHL social tokens are being used each and every time a new SENTR3 enterprise customer is onboarded here

Other Developments

  • WhaleRoom has developed a unique Proof of Ownership invention and filed a patent in late December called, “Access control systems and methods for online services,” which will further strengthen their focus on online safety, making it extra hard for scammers pretending to be someone they are not. The Proof of Ownership technology allows the platform to support tokens on any blockchain and for Room Hosts to configure their room entry criteria swiftly. The system protocol checks each user wallet balance to ensure they are cryptographically proven to enter a specific room or unlock a feature. The company also plans to patent some of its other core innovations in the coming months.
  • The latest native mobile app updates include multi-wallet added to user profiles, improved platform stats, a dynamic default room called “My Feed” and more. WhaleRoom has an amazing community of beta testers and listens closely to feedback and suggestions.

Trading WHL on Coinmetro

Now is the right time to get your WhaleRoom crypto. Log in here if you’re a Coinmetro user or sign up for an account if you’re new!

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