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Upcoming Levels Explained: The Rewarding Crypto Journey

by Coinmetro Editorial Team


Q2 has plenty of reasons to celebrate: In April, Coinmetro is launching Levels, a new system aimed at enhancing the trading experience by introducing a structured reward and engagement program. This initiative replaces the existing XCM Tiers, adjusting fees accordingly, and is designed to be accessible and rewarding for both new and experienced traders. Levels aims to encourage and reward more trading by connecting all Coinmetro products and offering a range of benefits based on user activity. Discover below what's got everyone buzzing!

Earn points: Your trading, now more rewarding!

With every trade you make, you're not just trading, you're earning Points. Swap trading nets you 2 points for every EUR equivalent in volume, while Exchange and Margin trades reward you with 1 point. The focus here is on Volume, not the size of your wallet. This means you could turn 10 EUR into 100 EUR trading volume or much more, bringing you 100 Points, or even 200 - when using Swap, proving that every trader has the opportunity to shine. And there's more on the horizon, with plans to include referrals and staking as additional ways to earn Points later this year.

Boost points: Multiply your rewards with XCM staking

Staking XCM is becoming a game changer: Activate XCM Boost by simply staking XCM, significantly enhancing the rewards from all new Points earned. The formula is simple: the more you stake, the greater the boost! XCM Boost is valid for as long as the staking plan remains active. For instance, if you trade 1,000 EUR on Swap while staking 50,000 XCM tokens, you receive 1,000 x 2 (for using Swap) x 1.5 (50% Boost for staking XCM), equalling 3,000 total Points.

Advancing access: Levels open to all 

We've made advancing through Levels accessible to traders of all levels. Our thresholds are designed with entry points that are among the most accessible in the market. Whether you're a new trader dipping your toes into crypto or an experienced one trading large volumes, our Levels program has something for everyone. As you progress through Levels, you'll find that the thresholds remain competitive, offering incentives for traders of all sizes to engage and grow their portfolios.

Enjoy benefits: A world of perks awaits

Get ready to dive into a bounty of benefits, tailored to your trading achievements. Each level you reach unlocks a new suite of advantages, ensuring that your trading journey is not only profitable but also genuinely enjoyable. Here’s what’s cooking:

  • Enjoy a complimentary free monthly Swap for orders up to 100 EUR or equivalent. Ideal for swapping small amounts of new tokens on the fly.
  • Taker Fee - Decreasing to as low as 70%! The more you trade, the cheaper it gets. Ideal for frequent traders, saving significant amounts.
  • Maker Fee - Discounted up to -105%! That's right, it goes negative! Designed to support high-volume traders and incentivize liquidity creation on our platform.
  • Card Deposit Fee: Reduced by a full 1%, enhancing accessibility for all users.
  • *Max Fiat Withdrawal Fee for EUR SEPA & GBP Fast Payments: We're reducing the maximum fee customers pay for larger withdrawals. 

A fixed fee of €3/£3 will apply to EUR SEPA and GBP Faster Payments withdrawals up to €3000/£3000. After that, the fee will be 0.1% of the withdrawal amount (up to a maximum fee of £40/€40).

  • Priority Support: Enjoy a dedicated account manager available around the clock in any time zone to promptly address complex inquiries.

Points Decay: Keeping it positive

Points Decay is a feature crafted to motivate and keep you engaged. On average, it takes three months to drop a full level, a timeframe that stands out competitively compared to the usual 30 days. This approach ensures that your hard-earned status is preserved, giving you ample opportunity to maintain or improve your level with consistent activity - it’s regular trading, rather than the size, that is key to avoiding the Decay and growing up in Levels.

Transitioning from XCM Tiers to Levels

As we transition from XCM Tiers to Levels, we ensure a smooth shift for our community. Members of XCM Tiers will be seamlessly moved to Levels, enjoying sweet bonuses and XCM Boosts reflective of their staked amounts. Worry not about your unclaimed rebates; they will be safely deposited into your accounts within two weeks of the transition. 

Share this exciting update with your circle and prepare for Levels - where every step in your crypto journey counts towards greater rewards. Beyond trading, Levels is also strengthening the connection with our community, being a product that has been developed with the inspiration and ideas gathered from Coinmetroids near and far. Stay close for the final launch!

Join the Coinmetro community on Discord and Telegram, where forward-thinking traders and investors gather to share insights, explore new opportunities, and dive deep into cryptocurrencies. Should you need any help, please reach out to our world-class Customer Support Team via 24/7 live chat or email at hello @ coinmetro.com. 

To become a Coinmetro user today,  Sign Up now, or head to our new Exchange if you are already registered and experience our premium trading platform. 



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