Crypto’s Best Fiat Gateways

One thing that is holding back many cryptocurrencies is nothing more than access. There are barriers like the necessity to use multiple exchanges and pay extra transaction fees, just to purchase a coin. CoinMetro breaks down those barriers to provide fast & cheap fiat gateways for your favorite cryptos!

The Need for Fiat Gateways

You just heard about a new coin. Great team, just about to announce a major partnership, and they’ve been using their left hand the whole time, but just told you they’re not left-handed. You know…the works.

You want in! But how do you buy it? It’s not paired with your local fiat anywhere. Therefore, you have to buy BTC or ETH first. Then pay a withdrawal fee to send to another exchange, wait for the deposit, and then finally you can buy that new token you love.

With CoinMetro, you can skip those extra steps. And transaction fees. We continue to seek out crypto communities in need so we can bring them safe & affordable fiat gateways.

Local Fiat Currencies: Fast & Cheap 

The user-experience comes first at CoinMetro. Quick & easy fiat transfers are vital in helping you hit your trading goals. We’ve got all the major fiat currencies covered, but we’re always in the process of adding more. 

Instantly fund your account and start trading on CoinMetro with over 30 fiat trading pairs!

Europe – EUR

You can’t get any faster than “instant”! Trading crypto with the Euro is a breeze on CoinMetro. You can deposit and withdraw euros with SEPA Instant Payments and pay just €1 per transaction for ANY amount. SWIFT payments are another easy way to deposit euros. 

We also have the option of using a EUR denominated credit card for a fee of 2.99%.

United States – USD

CoinMetro has MANY fiat gateways for Americans and the US Dollar. The Plaid integration allows traders to INSTANTLY fund their accounts with ACH payments. Plaid is a highly trusted tool which connects your financial accounts to the CoinMetro platform. You can start trading immediately with this option.

Additionally, same-day domestic wire transfers are made possible through our banking partners in the US. We’ll talk more about them below. International wires are available as well.

Users also have the option of depositing via American credit cards. The money will arrive in your CoinMetro account as EUR or GBP with a 4.99% fee.

United Kingdom – GBP

The UK & GBP are also covered at CoinMetro. We provide UK Faster Payments which are nearly instant. Faster than fast, get it? These quick transfers also have a fee of just £1 for ANY amount. Plus, you can use a GBP denominated credit card with a 4.99% flat fee. 

Fiat gateways for the rest of the world

Our Australian friends have easy access too! AUD deposits are easy with SWIFT payments. The AUD is paired with both BTC & ETH for trading on CoinMetro. Australian credit cards are supported, and like the US, the money is automatically converted and deposited as EUR or GBP after a 4.99% fee.

As previously mentioned, CoinMetro is ALWAYS looking to provide more fiat options. We listen to feedback from our community (join us on Telegram) and add features everyone is looking for. Many lovely Canadians have, very politely of course, been requesting the Canadian Dollar. Therefore CoinMetro is working to add CAD support very soon!

Carefully Selected Banking Partners

Banking partners are very important for a regulated crypto exchange who is trying to create the safest and easiest platform. CoinMetro has made sure to work with only the best of the best, which is no easy task! Our track record of trust & compliance has allowed us to secure high-level banking partners.

We’re partnered with RailsBank for access to LHV banking, which is also based in Tallinn, Estonia just like CoinMetro. LHV is highly respected and used by other giants like Coinbase, for example.

Over in the US, we work with both Signature Bank and the prestigious Primetrust. This allows us to offer same-day domestic & international wire transfers. 

Fiat Gateways: Trading Pairs



GBP Trading Pairs: BTC, ETH, and XRP.

Crypto Swaps

Another fantastic tool on CoinMetro is the simple swap widget. You can instantly swap your fiat currency for various cryptocurrencies with one-click, right from the dashboard!

Fiat gateways - CoinMetro's swap widget is ag reat tool

Instant fiat-crypto swaps

This fiat-crypto swap tool is perfect for newcomers, as well as those traders coming from Uniswap. The more advanced users will enjoy over 30 fiat trading pairs on the exchange, as well as a fantastic margin trading platform.

CoinMetro has been established as THE fiat gateway after working hard to fill the void in crypto. But we’re always looking for more!

Sign up for an account today! Join us on Telegram and let us know what fiat pairings the world needs. We just might make it happen.