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Product Update, December 2023

by Coinmetro


Hard to believe, but we’re almost wrapping up an intense 2023. This year has made us all more resilient and determined to keep perfecting your crypto experience with every month. It’s been as busy as ever at Coinmetro HQ and we’ve kept some really special treats for the holiday season. Here’s what’s in store for you this winter:

Past month highlights

🛡️FIU Licence Renewal: We are proud to say Coinmetro has successfully renewed its FIU regulatory license in Estonia, ensuring compliance with the latest standards for user protection. Your favorite crypto exchange carries on with even higher safety measures in the crypto environment.

💼 New Listings: As promised, we've expanded your portfolio with key infrastructure and AI tokens, introducing RocketPool (RPL), Cartesi (CTSI), Holochain (HOT), and LilAI (LILAI). While RPL, CTSI, and HOT represent key blockchain infrastructure projects, we’re proud to say we are the first centralized exchange to list the emerging, hot, LILAI token. As always, we’re trailblazing new paths for you to discover. 

🌐 Stablecoin Expansion: Tether (USDT) has joined our platform, enhancing your trading options and offering you more flexibility and convenience in your crypto journey.

🔄 New Pairs: Dive into a broader trading spectrum with the introduction of fresh additional USDC pairs, including BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, SOL, DOGE, as well as 30 new USDT pairs. Now that the markets have liven up, we wanted to give you more options. Fill up your bags!

💳 Add Cash Function:Now available! The much awaited Add Cashfeature securely stores your credit cards for seamless and quick deposits. Experience the ease of adding funds instantly. This step was essential in paving the way for the future introduction of Apple Pay & Google Pay.

Coming next at Coinmetro

🎁 1 million THT Winter Gem Giveaway: This is massive! Our Winter Gem Season has officially started. Trade €100 worth of THT until Dec 17 for a chance to win up to 300,000 THT in our Winter Gem Giveaway. The more you trade, the more chances you have in the raffle. Don’t sleep on this opportunity to add a spark to your winter portfolio: 1,000,000 THT total prize pool distributed to 25 lucky winners. Will you be one of them?

👥 Referral Program Revamp: Currently in the final stages of QA and testing, the new Referral Program will arguably be the best fidelity mechanism in the entire crypto landscape. We want to offer you a system that allows you and your friends to invest together and be rewarded for your loyalty.

🛒 Buy Crypto Function: Experience seamless transactions as you effortlessly acquire your favorite cryptocurrencies. Take advantage of the green markets with a user-friendly Buy Crypto function. Coming soon at Coinmetro.

🔗 CCXT Update: The CCXT certification is on the horizon, providing a unified way to interact with hundreds of cryptocurrency exchange APIs and payment processing services worldwide. 

💰New USD On/Off Ramps: Our onboarding with new banking partners continues, with the aim to re-enable seamless access to all US clients. Stay tuned for more updates.

⛓️ Native Protocol Listing: As requested by the community, native protocol listing is in the pipeline before the holidays, offering more opportunities for diversification. 

Thank you for your continued support throughout this year. Stay tuned for an eventful December at Coinmetro, and a 2024 that looks nothing short of stellar! ⭐

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