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New Funding Round

by Kamil S


Coinmetro Secures €7 Million for Further Expansion

We are glad to announce that we’re getting more wind in our sails with an additional €7 million funding round. Our US and European expansion is bound to accelerate, as our company valuation reaches €180 million, making Coinmetro one of Europe’s fastest growing crypto exchanges.

A Mature Crypto Ecosystem

Our community-driven exchange has become the alternative choice for users seeking a more inclusive and people-centric crypto ecosystem. The customer-first strategy and the people-facing products have driven Coinmetro US growth by more than 300% year on year.

We are planning to use the capital to further scale up our operations in the US, UK and across Europe. Moreover, our commitment to innovative passive income products carries on, helping you deal with record-high inflation and questionable monetary policies.

The interim funding round is a forerunner to a Series A round currently scheduled for Q1 2023. The full €7 million came from three angel investors and over 100 existing shareholders who amount to a 4% stake in the business. A large proportion of these shareholders are also clients who trust the team, the company, and its values, being equally motivated to help the company grow. Coinmetro is now valued at €180 million, a three-fold increase on the previous valuation of approximately €60 million in 2021. 

“A Catalyst for Further Innovation”

Kevin Murcko, CEO & Co-Founder, Coinmetro: “After a peculiar year for cryptocurrencies, as indeed for most currencies, we are expecting further volatility ahead, but there is growth to be had for those that understand the market dynamics and can see where the next phase of crypto’s evolution will come from. We have no shortage of ideas and are looking forward to making them real for our growing community over the months and years to come. This latest funding round gives us the financial clout to do just that. It’s a testament to our vision that we have succeeded in doing so during a bear market.”

Kevin adds: “Our success to date has been founded on our community-first approach to business, and coming up with ingenious ways to provide smart, simple and transparent tools that give our users the functionality they want. This funding round will be the catalyst to further innovation and will also help us bring on board new customers who are realizing why others have already made the switch.” 

Coinmetro’s growth to date has been driven by our transparency, people-centric culture and simplicity for our growing customer base. In August 2022, we introduced our first-of-a-kind swap widget, with which you can buy into your entire multi-asset portfolio in one simple trade, without needing to buy each coin or token individually.

We want to thank the entire community for choosing Coinmetro and for the ongoing support. Everything we do revolves around our users and how they can integrate meaningful financial products into their lives. 

Let’s celebrate the good news on our Discord and Telegram channels! Feel free to let us know what you think of our future plans – we’d love to hear from you and get inspired. Sign-up to Coinmetro now if you are not yet a user, or head to our ecosystem if you are already registered, to experience a premium trading and investment medium.


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