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Coinmetro’s visual makeover: new look, new website, same platform you trust


Since day one, we have been driven by a single vision - to make the world of finance accessible and transparent for people globally. Thousands of you have already joined us on this journey. Many more will come.

Today, we are taking a step closer to the place we strive to be. The feel we want to give. We are launching our revamped visual identity and a new website, to inspire even more people to follow our mission.

Meet our refreshed look

Once a technology understood and used by a select few, crypto is now going global. It is also becoming more human, and more diverse. This change has sparked the inspiration for our new visual style - more personal, less distant, and way more fun. 

Just like our new style mixes real humans with digital illustrations, Coinmetro is a place connecting people with complex technology. We blend the digital and real worlds, adding a personal touch, care, and a spark to everything we do. This is the true spirit of Coinmetro.

Whether you're taking your first steps in crypto or you’ve been in this space for a while, Coinmetro has you covered. Our new look presents this diversity, with a light mode used for showcasing our intuitive entry-level tools and a dark mode appealing to those who want to delve deeper and explore advanced features. 

Zooming in

You can spot circles and semicircles on our refreshed logotype and across other visuals. They symbolize connecting people with people, people with technology, and all of our products into one ecosystem. This is the sense of unity we feel at Coinmetro and want to translate it to everyone around us.

We might wear new clothes or change the way we sound, but the heart of what we do is always the same. Our coin-metro-polis is still here, evolving together with the industry. Wherever we go next, we will always remember our roots and our promise to build a better financial world, intuitive and accessible to everyone. 

What’s next?

Our new website is the centerpiece of our rebranding. It is also a crucial milestone for our business as it provides a comprehensive guide to every part of Coinmetro’s ecosystem. However, what you are seeing today is just the beginning. 

Here’s what you can expect in the upcoming weeks:

  • Fresh social media look
  • Revamped emails
  • More website pages (careers page, press page, brand page, and more).

Spotted an old look? Be patient with us, we’ll get to it.

So that’s a brief overview of our brand makeover - an exciting step to accelerate Coinmetro’s growth. Let us know what you think of the refreshed branding and all-new coinmetro.com. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts on Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, or LinkedIn. We are always thankful for your feedback.



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