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Coinmetro Utility Updates: XCM on Margin

by Kamil S


Millions of Dollars In Funds Unlocked for Our Users

We are breaking new ground with a huge update many of you have been asking about. Coinmetro users will now be able to use XCM as collateral on Margin! This means that instead of having to sell your XCM to add USD or other collateral, you can simply assign XCM.

What It Means & How Can You Benefit?

While this new update brings an opportunity to our users, it’s important to have wider optics and understand the mechanism in its entirety:

  • The new update allows you to use our Margin product even when just holding XCM
  • In order to get familiar with the product and mechanism, we advise you first to use the demo platform
  • This update could lead to much higher volumes and introduce Margin to more users
  • As usual, there are risks of losing collateral with Margin trading so we strongly urge you to become educated on how to use Margin and its benefit/risk scenario

How Does It Work?

Some important things to keep in mind when you venture into the new offer:

  • XCM can be added as collateral just as usual
  • XCM can make up to 30% of your collateral. XCM  Meaning you’ll require €700 in other assets in order to add €300 worth of XCM. The value applied to XCM will only be 30% of the market value. For example, if XCM is valued at 60c, 20c value will be applied as collateral.
  • You can add a max of €10,000 worth of XCM as collateral

Moreover, we have increased the total collateral limit. The 25k limit has now been raised to 50k. With this update, you can essentially double your position size and exposure. We have introduced this feature after a thorough internal risk assessment and updates to liquidity on margin pairs.

USDC as Collateral

We understand that in these markets it can potentially be safer to use a stable asset as collateral. This way, users are not over-leveraged if the collateral exhibits a sudden, dynamic downturn.

Therefore, we have also added USDC to Margin as collateral to improve the platform and make our product more accessible. As you already know, USDC is a fully-reserved stablecoin, meaning that every single digital dollar of USDC in circulation is 100% backed by cash and short-dated U.S. treasuries. What this means is that it is always redeemable 1:1 for U.S. dollars.

Here’s a little tease of some of our future plans. For now, we are looking into supporting and integrating Circle’s new EUR stablecoin – EUROC. Circle is regulated as a licensed money transmitter under U.S. state law just like PayPal, Stripe and Apple Pay. Circle’s financial statements are audited annually and subject to review by the SEC.

This way Coinmetro users could have more options to diversify their margin trading and leverage the best options to their advantage.

Join the ever-growing Coinmetro community on Discord and Telegram to learn and chat with like-minded people. To get involved with Margin trading, take action now and sign-up to our platform in just a few steps.


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