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Coinmetro Lists LTO - LTO Network

by Kamil S


We are excited to announce the listing of the LTO token! Coinmetro is currently supporting LTO ERC20 V2.

LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain with a focus on privacy-aware applications, particularly where digital assets, ownership and identity are concerned. It is also a development platform for securing, verifying, and exchanging enterprise information. It can be used by any company needing a blockchain allowing for digital verification of digital assets and enabling collaboration through the use of decentralized workflows.

LTO Network’s newest focus of Decentralized Identities and Verifiable Credentials are at its core. Through its new NFT2.0 technology, people truly own and manage their NFTs in a decentralized manner. This is not only more transparent but paves the way for inclusion and accessibility through a verifiable process that isn’t necessarily how the current structure works.

The LTO Network is Unique

What distinguishes LTO from other blockchain applications is that cryptocurrency plays the driving role in the operation of the network and through its revenue-generation capabilities. This is distinct as most solutions want nothing to do with crypto.

Here’s how LTO Network takes advantage:

  • LTO tokens are required to pay for key LTO Network functions. There is one LTO token, and three somewhat interchangeable token types that can be swapped 1:1 with LTO: BEP2, ERC20, and BEP20.
  • Organizations can earn LTO rewards by hosting or participating in validator (Leased Proof of Stake) nodes.
  • An entire token management approach exists to manage token supply, incentives, and flow.

LTO Network has a mainnet of its own, but the token also exists on Binance Chain as BEP-2 and on Ethereum as ERC-20 – to enable better liquidity and make it possible to integrate LTO in various DeFi protocols in the future. Coinmetro will only support the ERC20 version of the LTO token.

We at Coinmetro are very proud to support the LTO Token and the LTO Network’s efforts to evolve the way blockchain applies to the real world!

LTO Details

Date of Coinmetro Listing: 23 Feb, 2022 @ 16:00 UTC

  • Listing Price – €0.15
  • Market cap – €47M (at time of writing)
  • Currently ranked outside Top 500 on CoinMarketCap
  • Max Supply – 403,393,276 LTO
  • Non-Inflationary
  • Trading Pairs – LTO/EUR and LTO/USD
  • Market and Limit orders
  • No Swap yet
  • Website – LTO Network – On-chain trust

Ready to start trading? Sign up now or head over to the exchange!


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