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Coinmetro Initiates a Major Rebranding

by Kamil S


For many years, Coinmetro has been known by the “metro” or “train” logo. It was a “thing” vs a “destination.” Over time, our Vision has progressed and we now want to communicate something inspired by our past but also entirely different.

Why Rebrand?

It was an easy decision to make, here are some core reasons:

  1. We’ve recently spent a great deal of time clearly identifying concepts like our Purpose, Vision and Mission. Along with this, we’ve confirmed Coinmetro’s Values and further established our Key Attributes. Work remains to further develop our USPs and meaningful Slogans but the Rebrand exemplifies who we are as a company.
  2. Whereas we were pleased with our previous branding which took us to where we are today, our new visual identity is much cleaner and better represents our company, community and platform.
  3. Most importantly, the Metropolis is a place. It’s where the “train” was headed. Now, we have arrived! Who We Are: We are a people-first company with a focus on creating new and more accessible financial markets. We are constructing a fair and inclusive ecosystem of financial services powered by an ever-growing community of like-minded change-makers.

Our Three Core Brands

We have put a major focus on separating out the 3 main brands under the Coinmetro umbrella. They are Coinmetro itself, our CEO Kevin Murcko, and the Coinmetro Token, XCM.


Coinmetro is the main ecosystem or platform which houses a range of crypto and financial services, also referred to as the Metropolis! Change to the Coinmetro brand includes a new logo and stunning new visuals which help to showcase Coinmetro as an ever-expanding ecosystem visualized in the form of a modern and fast-moving city, with lots of reliable and innovative services. The Metropolis is inclusive and highly accessible, a place where all can enjoy the environment and a thriving community.

Kevin Murcko

Our beloved CEO, Kevin Murcko certainly deserves his own brand identity. With an ever-growing presence in the financial and crypto space, he is a friend to all! We have a visual character to represent our leader and hope we did his big brain (forehead) some justice! The Kevin character will help us build trust with new and existing users and shows a more playful side to Coinmetro, a highly versatile piece of our brand power, like Kevin!


The native utility token of Coinmetro, XCM, is vital to the platform’s success and operations and it helps to create enormous value for Coinmetro clients. XCM is a major offering of Coinmetro and fuels the ecosystem (not to mention being referenced on many third-party sites such as Coinmarketcap and Coingecko). We have given XCM a unique and captivating identity. We have focused on creating sustainable, long-term passive income opportunities and very powerful tokenomics which we will now be able to highlight with dedicated landing and asset details pages. There will also be plenty of educational content around the token which will help new audiences understand the potential value of becoming a holder and especially in staking XCM.

What to Expect in Future?

We will be sharing lots more content which will give great insights into the rebranding journey so far, along with future plans. Keep an eye on our blog if you are interested.


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