Affiliate Marketing for Dummies


Although affiliate marketing has been around for a long time, it’s still a complicated topic for many. All the talk of publishing, cookie lifetimes, CPA, and affiliate links can be head-spinning. If you’re like many who need a little extra help to grasp the topic, read on.

In this ultra-simple guide to affiliate marketing for dummies, you’ll learn all you should know and how to make it work. Let’s get to it!

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies – Learn the ABCs? 

First, we’ll start with the basics. This includes the meaning of affiliate marketing and why it exists. 

Affiliate marketing is a partnership between business owners and ordinary people. Here, ordinary people help encourage product sales, in exchange for a commission. Think of affiliate marketing like an advertising arrangement. But instead of the arrangement being with the big TV networks, businesses pay ordinary people instead. Why do they do this? 

In today’s world, it can be very easy to build an audience. Say, if you own a Twitter account – like this one, for example – and provide engaging content, you can rack up many followers quickly. This also applies to Facebook, YouTube, and other social media. For whatever reason, you have the ability to capture peoples’ attention. 

It is this attention that is valuable to businesses. People listen to you. And if you provide really valuable information, they may even trust you as well. Businesses pay for you to put in a good word for them. So, if you’re creating content about how to wear men’s jewellery, you can include a quick plug for where to get the best Cuban chains. This goes for basically any kind of product, including fashion affiliate programs and cryptocurrency affiliate programs

It’s that simple. Read more here about how affiliate marketing jobs work. 

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work? 

There are usually three parties involved in affiliate marketing. These are the publisher, the merchant, and the buyer. Sometimes, there’s an extra party, called the affiliate network. 

The publisher is the one that promotes products. They are also called affiliates. The merchant is the seller of the product. They create affiliate programs to attract publishers. The buyer is the final piece of the puzzle. They buy products promoted by the publisher, creating a sale for the merchant, and a commission for the publisher. Affiliate networks are sometimes involved in the process. They are huge platforms where you can find thousands of affiliate programs from various merchants. 

The process starts when a publisher contacts a merchant. This may be either directly or through an affiliate network. There is usually an approval process before the publisher gets accepted. After being accepted, the merchant or network provides the publisher with an affiliate link. This link will be embedded in content that the publisher creates. 

Any customer that clicks on the link will be directed to the product. The link also tells the merchant that the buyer came from a specific publisher. This information is contained in a “cookie” within the link. When the buyer clicks on the link, it deposits a cookie on their computer. The cookie doesn’t last forever though. It may last as little as 24 hours, or as long as 90 days. 

When the buyer completes a purchase, the merchant or network will pay the publisher a commission. That’s how it works! 

What Do You Need to Get Started? 

Affiliate marketing is very attractive because it doesn’t cost anything to start. Registering for an affiliate program is typically free. All you have to worry about is creating a platform where you can build an audience. You can decide to create a blog for this. Or you can try out affiliate marketing on Facebook or other social networks. 

To ensure you’re well primed for success, take the time to pick a great affiliate program. You can refer to our guide to the best affiliate programs for beginners as a start. Make sure you’re promoting a quality product and providing valuable content to your audience, and success will follow soon enough. If you yourself are a fan of the product, even better.

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