Adaptive Artificial Intelligence


Blockchain is an architecture for decentralized transaction validation that is widely used in multiple industries. Artificial intelligence is a technology that fosters the intelligent development of various industries. The symbiosis of the two makes it possible to effectively enhance the rising technologies. Blockchain drives the autonomous and credible nature of artificial intelligence. In turn, adaptive artificial intelligence can push blockchain toward intelligence.

So, what is artificial intelligence, what are its benefits for blockchain technology, and what artificial intelligence solutions do you need to know about?


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) includes an impressive range of key technologies:

  • computational vision technology,
  • natural language processing technology,
  • cross-media reasoning technology,
  • intelligent adaptive learning technology,
  • swarm intelligence technology,
  • autonomous drone system technology,
  • smart chip technology,
  • and brain-computer interface technology.

All of the technologies mentioned above can be widely used across various industries.


The Benefits of Combining AI and Blockchain

The benefits of combining AI and blockchain may not necessarily be obvious as many of us are yet to gain insight into artificial intelligence, so here is how the two technologies are made for each other.

Enhanced security

Information on main chains (i.e., blockchains) is inherently encrypted and thus well-protected. Artificial intelligence will make it possible to work with encrypted data without exposing it. In other words, data can be analyzed without being decrypted.

Optimized energy consumption

Being an extremely energy-consuming process, data mining remains one of the main global issues. Thanks to Google, we now know that AI can offer a solution to the problem.

Google Inc. has managed to reduce energy consumption – used for cooling their data centers – by an astounding 40% by training the DeepMind AI on historical data from thousands of sensors within a data center.

The neural networks were trained on the average future PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), which is defined as the ratio of the total building energy usage to the IT energy usage. Then, two additional ensembles of deep neural networks were trained to predict the future temperature and pressure of the data center over the next hour. The purpose of these predictions was to simulate the recommended actions from the PUE model, to ensure that operating constraints are not exceeded.

Possible applications of this technology include mining cryptocurrencies among several others.

Improved smart contracts

Just like any technology, blockchain technology has its weaknesses. Smart contracts are an example. These computer programs self-execute when certain conditions are met. However, smart contract codes are public, meaning that anyone can search for loopholes, going through every line of code.

Adaptive artificial intelligence will help to verify smart contracts and predict the potential technical flaws.


Adaptive AI Solutions: What is ThoughtAI?

ThoughtAI has redefined traditional analytics approaches by deploying a radically new architecture to utilize and process data, in which it managed to successfully integrate artificial intelligence, blockchain, and data to create powerful and intelligent systems.

The network provides a streamlined data flow eliminating the need for data to be routed through servers, stored in data centers, or further handled by big data analytics.

The ThoughtAI platform focuses on individual pieces of self-aware data that is intelligent and encoded with AI capabilities. All information is managed as “Nuances” that are in charge of transporting, organizing, sending, analyzing, and tracking data across the network in the most efficient – and fastest – way possible. Equally important, Nuances record all interactions and transformations.


ThoughtAI on Coinmetro

ThoughtAI is one of our valuable partners. Just as important, Coinmetro offered the world’s first fiat gateway (THT/EUR) for THT – the native token on the ThoughtAI platform.

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