CoinMetro in the Press

CoinMetro in the Press

CoinMetro and the crypto press have been good friends for a long time. As much as CoinMetro is covered in the digital press, our blog posts are also widely quoted and reposted. Today, we invite you on a fun tour of the websites and magazines that have written about the one and only CoinMetro. Press […]

Evaluating Initial Coin Offerings

5 Tips for Evaluating Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Today’s blog post is for those who are looking to invest in an ICO, also for those who already have. Why not check your ICOs against our short and sweet evaluation guide? That’s right, investing in ICOs can be a risky business, so we highly recommend you to evaluate every Initial Coin Offering against certain […]

Crypto Trends For 2019

Crypto Trends For 2019

Making predictions for the next year is a classic. Making predictions for crypto in 2019 is a must. If you’re a blockchain and crypto enthusiast, join us to have a look at 2019 to wonder where things are heading next year. We’ll dig into some of the main areas that blockchain may grow in this […]

Digital Wallet, Card, or Coin

Moontec’18 Inspired: Digital Wallet, Card, or Coin?

Which payment method do you prefer: digital wallet, card, or coin? Which one works best for you, and which one is safest? In today’s blog post, we’ll have a look at each payment method, their pros and cons. Digital Wallet Definition A digital wallet is a software-based system for making e-commerce transactions. Having a digital […]

Cryptocurrency Related Crimes and Investigation Challenges

Moontec’18 Inspired: Cryptocurrency Related Crimes and Investigation Challenges

As long as there is blockchain, there will be cryptocurrency related crimes that pose a real challenge to law enforcement agencies. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that comes to mind when dealing with blockchain. The bad news is, blockchain related crimes don’t end with Bitcoin. There are plenty more cryptocurrencies and ways to use them […]