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Bitcoin to Pound Transactions – Now Available on Coinmetro!

by Kamil S


We have some very exciting news to share. You can now exchange Bitcoin to pound on CoinMetro! This has been long awaited by our UK-based customers. We are thrilled to share all the details. So, let’s get started!

Bitcoin to Pound Deposits and Withdrawals

Local currency support is crucial in making crypto accessible for everyone. In addition to our existing Bitcoin to Euro transactions, we now have added currency pairs. From now on, UK-based customers can trade directly in pounds on CoinMetro. The new currency pair lets you move in and out of crypto right from your local bank and currency. This is a game changer for all UK based traders on many levels.

Save Time and Money on Conversions

Local currency support eliminates the need for conversions. Until now, there were very few exchanges who offered trading in pounds. So, traders had to convert their funds from other currencies like pound to euro or USD. This meant additional fees and time that traders needed to commit to. From now on, UK customers can deposit pounds directly on CoinMetro. Traders can also cash out Bitcoin to GBP. That’s right, no extra pound to euro or dollar or conversion needed! In conclusion, the crypto trading process is now much more effortless for traders who use pounds.

Trade Bitcoin to Pound Securely on CoinMetro

Making sure that your funds are safe is just as important as saving on fees. CoinMetro is a fully licensed EU exchange with an excellent track record. So, we are glad to offer both on our crypto exchange. Rest assured that you will not have to compromise on security while reaping the benefits of Bitcoin to pound transactions.

One Platform, Many Services

So, what can you do with your GBP on CoinMetro? We offer a variety of products to suit your needs.

Making Crypto Accessible for Everyone

We welcome traders of all experience levels on our exchange. CoinMetro’s focus is on making crypto accessible for everyone. So, we keep our fees low and platform simple. You can buy crypto directly with your credit card. We support all major cryptocurrencies. So, you can cash out LTC to GBP, XRP to GBP, ETH to GBP or Bitcoin Cash to GBP with no extra conversions.

Save Time by Using the Right Tools

We know that trading takes practice. So, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced trader, you are probably interested in using day trading crypto tools. We offer a variety of features that match the needs of both beginners and advanced users. 

You can use our automatic tools to buy and sell at the price you want. Furthermore, you can set up your market, limit and stop orders without hassle. This helps you to stay safe while trading. We have also integrated a series of trading indicators that help you improve your trades. Indicators are sought after by both beginners and advanced traders. Trading indicators help beginners understand the market and identify events such as Bitcoin price change. In addition, pros use them for spotting opportunities and maximizing profits. Check out our free guide on the best crypto trading indicators to learn more. 

Copy Trading

Are you a beginner who’s looking for more guidance? Copy trading might be a good fit for you. 

It is a method that lets beginners partner up with professional traders. First, seasoned traders list their strategies on the platform. Secondly, beginner traders choose which portfolio they wish to follow. After signing up to a portfolio, trades are automatically mirrored. In other words, newbie traders can copy the traders of professionals.

Copy trading lets you skip out on individual research. Also, it is a good starting point for beginners. CoinMetro offers an intuitive copy trading platform with low fees.

Margin Trading

We have definitely not forgotten about advanced traders. CoinMetro offers margin trading features to suit the needs of more experienced users. We’ve got you covered with 3x leverage and advanced order types. The latter includes ‘Time in Force’ customization. In addition, we offer easy access to the indicators you actually want to use. 

CoinMetro’s Cornerstones

We aim to offer variety in our products and currencies. But there’s more to that. The underlying factors to our business are great customer support and competent licensing. 

Excellent Service at Our Core

Customer service has a crucial role in our operations. Trading and investing into crypto is a financial activity. As such, customer service is key. We know how important it is for our traders to have support on any questions that relate to their funds. So, we worked hard to ensure this with our added currency pair. You can count on top notch customer service when trading bitcoin to pound on CoinMetro. Our support team is available 24/7 and ready to help traders with any questions about the product. 

Licensed Exchange

CoinMetro is a pioneer when it comes to crypto regulation. Crypto trading is still an emerging area. Because of this, regulation is key. We know the importance of licensing and we’re fully compliant to it. After all, keeping our users’ funds safe is outstandingly important. CoinMetro is a EU licensed exchange and holds active registrations with regulators in the USA and Australia. 

Going regional to go global

We are glad that our UK-based customers now have better access to crypto. But this is only the first step on our agenda. CoinMetro is focusing on reaching global markets by using a tailored approach. We are determined to make crypto accessible and easy to use for all. To reach this goal, we are expanding on a regional basis. 

It is crucial to distinguish customers based on their needs. That is the only way to offer them the services they actually need. So, we are continuing expansions step by step. We’re identifying unique customer needs of a geography and bringing the best crypto products to them. So, we hope to have you with us when we launch the next currency pairs!

Head over to CoinMetro crypto exchange and start trading Bitcoin to pound! We support all major major cryptocurrencies – make your pick from Ethereum to GBP, Bitcoin Cash to GBP or many more.

If you need to turn your BTC to EUR or BTC to GBP, look no further! 



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