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Ultra (UOS) Is Disrupting the Gaming Industry

by Kamil S


New Opportunities for Developers, Gamers and Influencers

Did you know that in 2021 the global PC market was worth $44.6 billion? Still, platforms like Steam and Apple have a monopoly on this market, taking 30% of sales revenue without rewarding everybody in the space in a fair manner. Furthermore, it is increasingly difficult to discover the right kind of content on these platforms, due to the way they are structured.

Another missed opportunity of the current platforms is in rewarding the players who are providing value by being the consumer of the platforms and games. But there is still huge, untapped potential, especially with the advancement of blockchain and Web3 gaming. Just like Theta is rewarding users for providing bandwidth and computational powerUltra rewards players for their play time. Read on to find out more about the token disrupting the gaming industry and why we are listing it on the Coinmetro exchange.

A Blockchain Based PC Gaming Entertainment Platform

Ultra (UOS) was launched in 2017 and describes itself as a blockchain-based PC gaming entertainment platform, hosting a variety of services which are explained later in this blog. Gamers who are familiar with Steam will be able to navigate their way through the platform as Ultra aims to deliver a smooth transition between the regular gaming industry and the quickly evolving blockchain gaming industry.

Ultra was developed as a fork of EOS, a blockchain developed by block.one, a private company incubating, acquiring and investing in technologies and businesses. As a fork of EOS, Ultra has been issued as an ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain.

UOS Whitepaper:

“Our mission is to build a first-class PC game publishing platform and ecosystem that puts an end to the current distribution monopoly by providing new opportunities to game developers, players, and influencers.”

New trading pairs: UOS/USD UOS/EUR

Ultra Technology

Content Distribution

Ultra’s unique feature of being able to use and play games before they are downloaded entirely introduces an aspect that is not known in the current market, where games need to be fully downloaded first. With the continuous increase in size of games, users with suboptimal internet speed are suffering. Some of the benefits of Ultra’s data streaming service are: automatic game updates, automatic error recovery, last mile acceleration, redundant delivery network, multi-platform, download permission management.

Ads Technology

Ultra’s Ads technology allows for a variety of benefits, with 3 main objectives:

  • Enable content producers to market their content more efficiently.
  • Ultra Coins can be earned by content creators from sales by instantly running new ads.
  • Ultra Coins can be earned by users opting into the Ultra Ads revenue share program, which is automatically deposited into a user’s Ultra coin wallet.

Ultra Go

Ultra Go is tailor made for mobile app users and provides new features, adds new sources of income for players and engages users to increase retention.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Another one of Ultra’s unique aspects is its SDK (Software Development Kit), which is built to close the gap between legacy publishing platforms and Ultra as it provides features to integrate apps or games from other platforms as easily as possible.

Ultra Coins (UOS)

Despite its name, UOS are tokens and not coins – learn more about the difference on our blogAll purchases of games, virtual items and services on Ultra Games use smart contracts which require Ultra Coins (UOS tokens).

Furthermore, all features on Ultra such as the loyalty program, bug testing, beta testing, trade of digital goods, advertisements, etc., only work with UOS tokens.

Through its APIs and protocols, Ultra’s blockchain operates in such a way that the purchase of games, items, PC and mobile applications is not limited to its own platform, but can be accessed by others not operated by Ultra.

UOS can be sold through Ultra as well as on external marketplaces. In order to be able to download games and get updates, users own UOS in their Ultra token wallet.

There are various opportunities to earn UOS:

  1. Referring players
  2. Participating in betas
  3. Viewing ads
  4. Trading of digital goods
  5. Participating in rewards programs
  6. Installing Ultra Go mobile software
  7. Installing PC free-to-play games
  8. Reporting bugs
  9. Writing reviews
  10. Sharing content on social networks
  11. Competing in contests


Ultra offers a few forms of tokenization:

  • Game tokenization: by publishing content on the Ultra platform, developers get access to their own “token factory”, allowing the materialization of games into a secure crypto token.
  • Virtual item tokenization: different items (e.g., health potions, xp boosts, etc.) can be bought and sold through the Ultra marketplace or external marketplaces.

Secondhand Market

Another unique feature that makes Ultra stand out from its competitors in the Web2 space is the ability for developers to earn revenue through secondhand market sales. This is uniquely tied to the underlying blockchain technology. It is optional and fully customizable to the developers wishes, just like we see in the NFT space.

In addition to the secondhand revenue that developers can earn, it also gives the opportunity for players re-selling their games to earn UOS as well as players buying the game to have more affordable content, initially maybe not available to them at full retail price.

Get Rewarded for Playing Games

The rewards program has been established for both players and developers to incentivize the usage of the platform and keep UOS in their wallets.

For users the program consists of:

  • Scoring: Amount of UOS in Wallet, duration of tokens held, total spent on Ultra, monthly time played on Ultra
  • Calculating Reward Probability
  • Reward: free games, free in-game items, game reduction vouchers, platform swag

For developers the program consists of:

  • Scoring: Amount of UOS in Wallet, duration of tokens held, total spent on Ultra ads, total offered to reward program
  • Calculating Reward Probability
  • Reward: advertisement credits

A Better Gaming Environment

It was time for a better initiative in the gaming industry! By listing Ultra (UOS) on Coinmetro exchange, we are glad to partner with actors who are striving to make gaming a more inclusive and sustainable space.

Gaming is such a lively landscape because of the many people playing games! Having a tool that adequately rewards all contributing people to the industry is of utmost importance. UOS is here to bring more value to everybody involved and create a better gaming environment.

With gaming being one of the fastest growing industries world wide – this is not something you want to miss!

Join the ever-growing Coinmetro community on Discord and Telegram to learn and chat with like-minded people. To include UOS in your portfolio today, take action now and sign up to our platform in just a few steps.


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