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Coinmetro - Advancing Access for All Since 2018

by Kamil S


How Is Coinmetro Changing the Financial Landscape?

Since the beginning of this journey, we wanted to break new ground and help everyone gain access to user-friendly financial services and crypto products that are more inclusive and transparent than ever before. Coinmetro embarked on this mission in 2018, after Kevin Murcko (Founder & CEO) realized traditional finance was leaving so many people behind. Read on to understand why we are here and where we are going.

 In a landscape where low-profile crypto exchanges are going bankrupt on a monthly basis, Coinmetro is actively hiring new people, putting forward meaningful products and crypto services, and growing continuously. Here are some highlights:

  • Coinmetro has established a banking infrastructure in Estonia, where it is headquartered.
  • You can buy and withdraw crypto at Coinmetro simple and fast with your credit card.
  • Coinmetro’s world-class Support Center is ready to help 24/7 and is staffed with team members who are geared to solve issues.

How Can You Benefit with Coinmetro?

Beyond our slogan and company logo, you will find our products – complex financial tools and crypto solutions designed for the future and with our users in mind. Let’s have a brief look at how you can have a better financial experience by choosing Coinmetro:

New Spot Exchange – We’ve hit a major milestone unblocking a critical path forward for Coinmetro with the launch of the new Spot Exchange. The new platform has been in Beta for over 6 months. Our team has been actively gathering feedback from the community as well as having regular meetings designing and improving every feature on the spot trading experience. We wanted to make sure the Exchange is stable, performant, visually pleasing, and easy to use. Have you experienced the new premium trading platform?

Buy Your Portfolio – We have recently introduced a special feature on the Swap platform – Buy Your Portfolio, allowing you to extend your entire portfolio with just one single trade. This is great as it allows you to extend all your holdings without having to perform individual trades for every asset. This way you can make confident moves when the time is right, without all the unnecessary workaround.

XCM Token – Our own asset has had a remarkable journey so far, rewriting the rules of how money is perceived. XCM is at the core of the Coinmetro exchange, fueling every process and giving you multiple opportunities to earn. During this summer, we have focused on giving XCM more utility and tokenomics. After listening to our community, we wanted to give back and provide something meaningful to bring you more value. Are you familiar with the XCM Token Page and the XCM Roadmap that schedules out some of our future plans? Check those out to learn more about how XCM is growing!

MARs (Multi-Asset Rewards) – A lucrative staking plan that is redefining passive income. The MARs program is paying you rewards as you stake your XCM on Coinmetro exchange. Besides the XCM returns that you get, you also earn other assets as well: FLUX, VSP, THT. This way your portfolio grows and diversifies at the same time. The MARs program was introduced last year and other assets are scheduled to join the plan in the future.

New Coinmetro Mobile App – From now on, you can enjoy one single app for all your crypto needs! After more than a year in development, we launched the new Coinmetro Mobile App to great acclaim at the beginning of summer. The new version comes with improvements to the Dashboard, Market, Wallet and Swap function. It also brings a redesigned notification center and navigation drawer. With the new mobile app, we wanted to offer you the best environment for trading and investing in crypto and provide better access to markets and investment. Download now!

Margin Trading Platform – Currently we are focusing on bettering our Margin Trading platform and offering you more opportunities. After introducing XCM on Margin this summer, we listened to your feedback and took it a step further with the XCM Margin Limit Updates – giving you more leverage to utilize our Margin platforms and potentially unlocking millions of dollars for our users. We invite you to discover the Margin Trading platform and take the opportunity to learn something new about this trading strategy. If you are new to margin trading, you can use our demo platform to get up to speed.

Coinmetro – A Fully Regulated Crypto Exchange

We have said it many times: “Regulation is the Future of Crypto.” Coinmetro is a fully regulated crypto exchange. We are licensed by the Estonian Register of Economic Activitiesthe US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, and the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre.

 Up next, we are planning to obtain further licensing to be able to provide an even wider range of products and services. Moreover, we are actively working with regulators in several other parts of the world for driving crypto adoption within a safe and compliant environment.

 Coinmetro also runs several verification processes for ensuring all financial operations are transparent and safe. These procedures include:

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) – The practice of ensuring that no assets are being obtained illegally or that illegally obtained assets are not transferred through our products and services.
  • Counter Terrorism Funding (CTF) – A set of regulations and procedures that will guarantee to make it nearly impossible to use assets from transactions to fund terrorism or travel for the purposes of terrorism.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) – A set of internal rules and procedures meant to verify users’ identity, the purpose of the business relationship and the origin of the user´s funds to assess the potential risks involved with creating and maintaining a business relationship.
  • Know Your Transaction (KYT) – A set of internal rules and procedures set up to have a clear point of reference on where the assets for a transaction came from or where those are going. KYT is also meant to understand the purpose of a particular transaction.

Read more about how safe Coinmetro is in this BLOG.

A People Person CEO

When you think of a finance company’s CEO, you would be tempted to imagine a Wall Street mogul living in his ivory tower who is barely approachable, if at all. How many CEOs in the industry can you reach out to directly for a frank conversation?

Since he founded Coinmetro in 2018, Kevin Murcko (Founder & CEO) understood that change begins with listening to those around you. In the last 4 years, Kevin made a great effort of putting himself upfront and openly speaks about everything good and bad in the crypto world. By now, you know that every Friday Kevin holds an AMA session and does not shy away from any questions. Moreover, you can reach out to Kevin directly on Coinmetro’s Discord and Telegram channels and he will find the time to answer himself.

Coinmetro has always been a people-centric company and the community we’ve built is proof. We are not building just a company but a movement of like-minded people, interconnected and acting as one, towards complete economic empowerment for all.

Find Kevin Murcko speaking in the near future at Crypto GibraltarNordic Fintech Week in Copenhagen, DeFi Conf in Belfast, Gitex in Dubai, Bitcoin Amsterdam.

A Crypto Future You Can Look Up To

Let’s be honest about a couple of things. There are more than 500 crypto exchanges in the world right now and more are popping up on a daily basis. In fact, a new exchange might have been founded since you started reading this article. Truth being said, the gold rush is well underway and a lot of actors jump aboard, heading for the low-hanging fruit.

 This is not the first bear market Coinmetro has gone through. In the wake of global adoption, we are spending the current period by laying down the groundwork for a better economic society. We have listed major crypto assets and projects throughout the summer with our 15 Weeks of Summer campaign. Check out Week 8 and Week 12 for a quick recap.

  Are you a changemaker? Stay with Coinmetro for the long run! When the hype wears out, people will understand where the real value can be found. You can find us on our BLOG, where you can get to know us even better. You can start experiencing our new platform now, by sign-ing up for an account, or visit the new exchange if you are already a user, to experience a premium trading platform.

Or you can just hang around, meet people and learn something new everyday. What will we be learning from you during this bear market? Join the chat and let us know, on our Discord and Telegram channels.


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