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FLUX Parallel Assets Distribution – Airdrop Rewards

by Kamil S


Behind the scenes here at Coinmetro, we’ve been working very hard to prepare the FLUX parallel assets. These assets are airdropped to users in return for staking their FLUX.

Because our users stake their FLUX through Coinmetro, their rewards are also awarded to us. This provides at least two advantages to our users – they don’t need to understand the complexities of staking, nor how to retrieve the parallel assets.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been travelling the metaverse, collecting those parallel assets, and now we are ready to take great pleasure in diligently distributing them to our beloved users.

What are FLUX Parallel Assets?

A parallel asset is a token that is part of the Flux ecosystem, one which resides on another blockchain such as ETH, BSC or SOL for example. Flux provides access to multiple blockchains through these parallel assets.

The FLUX rewards we’re distributing now come from the parallel asset airdrop for Flux-ETH and Flux-BSC. There are seven more parallel assets and airdrops to follow in the coming months. We at Coinmetro are proudly partnered with Flux Network and will continue to support all future airdrops.

How can I get FLUX Parallel Assets?

There are only two ways to be eligible to receive these FLUX airdrop rewards.

Run Your Own FLUX Node

It requires a fair amount of technical know-how, computing power, and a minimum of 10,000 FLUX to run your own node. These barriers may prevent some people from contributing to the ecosystem and the ability to earn valuable rewards. But that’s where Coinmetro comes in! We’re breaking down barriers all over the fintech industry.

Stake Your FLUX on Coinmetro

In contrast, Flux staking on Coinmetro is possible with nothing more than the click of a button! We handle all the work, you sit back and earn a passive income. Coinmetro is proud to be running nodes and to be a part of this awesome ecosystem!

Users receive 90% of the parallel asset rewards, with Coinmetro retaining a 10% fee.

To get started with FLUX Staking and earn roughly 9.7% APR, plus parallel asset rewards, click here.

The airdrop rewards will appear in your transaction history in your dashboard as ‘Bonus - FLUX cross-chain rewards‘. We converted the Flux-ETH and Flux-BSC to real FLUX, so there is no need to move or liquidate the assets! Users can trade or stake that FLUX directly on our platform to be ready for the next airdrop!

In total, Coinmetro distributed over 750,000 FLUX to our users from the first airdrop!

To learn more about FLUX Parallel Assets on the official Flux Network website, click here.

To learn about the Innovative Fusion App, click here.

Our 24/7 live Customer Support team are available around the clock and are dedicated to answering any questions or feedback you may have. Simply click the blue chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner to contact us! If you cannot see the chat bubble, please disable browser plugins.

Alternatively, feel free to also email us at hello@coinmetro.com – we will respond within minutes!


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