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Coinmetro Referral Program Update

by Kamil S


Being a Coinmetroid Comes With Special Benefits

The end of Q3 marks the much-anticipated upgrade of our Referral program at Coinmetro. Both we, as a company, and our community have been anticipating this lucrative plan being put into motion for the past months.

You can now earn a $10 bonus for every friend you bring to Coinmetro. And they’ll earn $10 as well!

The Referral program is aimed at strengthening our community and giving back to the people who support us. We have come up with ingenious ways to reward you and also to encourage everybody to spread the word and join the ranks. Let’s see what this is all about!

Coinmetroid for Life

Like everything we do, the Referral program has been structured long-term. More precisely, for life. Yes – once you embark on this journey, you will earn referral rewards all your life. Let’s see how it works.

Every time you refer somebody, both you and your referral receive $10 worth of XCM. Your bonuses will be credited instantly when your referral deposits their first $50 (equivalent in any currency) to the platform.

Our affiliate program has significant benefits making it one of the best in the industry. Get to know them all:

  • Invite as many people as you want to sign-up with Coinmetro.
  • You earn 40% of all exchange fees each referral pays on the platform.
  • You earn 40% of all Margin Trading fees each referral pays on the platform.
  • You also get 10% of the exchange fee portion for each of your referral’s referrals.

Better Crypto Products For A Bigger Community

Our new referral program is a natural step forward after the introduction of the new exchange platform at the beginning of this month and you can benefit from a premium trading experience with a stable, performant, visually pleasing, and easy-to-use product.

The next major milestone for Coinmetro will be the Margin Trading platform. It will provide you with 5x leverage and high margin limits – potentially up to $250,000. The feature-rich product allows you to view, manage and open positions with ease, taking advantage of advanced API access.

Also, we have recently introduced a special feature – Buy Your Portfolio – on the Swap platform, allowing you to extend your entire portfolio with just one single trade. This is great as it allows you to extend all your holdings without having to perform individual trades for every asset.

With the recent Marketing Push in motion, we are already seeing an increase in daily sign-ups on our exchange. This also comes as an effect of our summer-long effort of giving you more of the best of crypto assets. Of course, this is motivating us, even more, to give you back better products and a premium trading and investing experience. The community is key! This is why now is the best time for the updated Referral program to be activated.

Get involved and spread the good news! Refer your friends and start earning together with one of the fastest-growing crypto exchanges on the planet.

Hang around on our Discord and Telegram channels to chat, have fun and learn something new every day. Sign-up today, or head to our new exchange, if you are already a user, to experience a premium trading platform.


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