15 Weeks of Summer Brings a Renewed Marketing Push


We Are Scaling Up and Getting Stronger



It is appropriate for this blog to start by giving “Kudos” to everybody in our community. Our vibrant collective is showing big support for Coinmetro and that is a major reason why we have been able to grow in recent months, despite current market sentiment. Thank you Coinmetroids! Today we want to let you in on our marketing plans and tell you more about the next steps. Week 9 of our 15 Weeks of Summer campaign introduces to you the major marketing and communications push that is powering Coinmetro into a new era. Let’s dive in!



A New Chapter at Coinmetro


With recent funding rounds and business development measures, Coinmetro is entering a new cycle of growth. Being backed by enthusiastic investors (you included) has given us a clear runway and created leverage to circulate more value into the company and back to you! Here is how Coinmetro is growing by the week:


We have inked deals with 4 agencies and are driving our marketing plans forward with even more force. They are now helping us grow on several fronts: Growth Marketing, Public Relations and SEO and everything in between. Here are some up-to-date key points:

  • We are launching paid ads to a high quality eBook today for lead generation, in line with our company value and desire to educate.
  • We have already seen a promising uptake on App Installs over the past 10 days. This is the initial test phase and we will scale media spending with confidence.
  • Recent influencer involvement has pushed us over 20k followers on Twitter, with a huge amount of growth expected across all channels.
  • Our recent SEO Audit yielded many actionable tasks which we are already in process of incorporating to significantly improve our ranking with a dedicated project lead and agency supporting this effort.
  • New tools have been integrated by our Dev team to support tracking and a renewed emphasis on maximizing results from our existing tools will help us garner results from email and push notifications.
  • We have been hiring and continue to do so throughout this period as our fast development requires more and more people. As other exchanges are scaling down and firing people, our expansion continues through thick and thin. Currently, we are still looking for people across several teams and we have a “Careers Page” ready for publishing soon, for now all details on vacancies are here.
    • Some of the positions we are looking to fill include Marketing Project Manager, Growth Specialist, Marketing Analyst, Media Buyer, Graphic Designer, Head of Data and others as well.
  • Coinmetro will be present at Slush in Helsinki, Token2049 London, Gitex Dubai, Money 20/20 Las Vegas, and Web Summit Lisbon. More to come!
  • We will be improving our referral program, adding new bonuses for our loyal affiliates who are referring friends and also giving rewards for their friends.


Our marketing efforts gravitate around you as our user. We have a clear roadmap that is now accelerated by the 4 agencies and we are already seeing positive results in weekly sign-ups, website traffic and exchange liquidity.



Moving Forward


Kevin has done an amazing job so far in pushing forward Coinmetro’s mission and values. But now our CEO’s effort will be amplified with Growth Marketing and PR efforts for bigger success.

Our media relations and coverage are already improvingLook here for a recent article in which Kevin was featured.

On the Growth Marketing front, we are moving forward with more support from influencers driving traffic to our recently released new Mobile App – the only investing and trading tool you will ever need. The new Coinmetro Mobile App is performant and easy to use, with innovative features and a more user-friendly experience.

A considerable push behind paid advertising begins today and will continue to build over the next weeks and months.



Keeping It Coinmetro


As you may already know, we are circulating all our funding and revenues back into the growth of the company, accelerating development. The crypto landscape right now could use more optimism, and with several exchanges and institutions exiting the scene, it’s obvious to see that not everybody will push through the current bear market. It’s important for people to choose reliable partners and companies they can trust!


Bear markets are a good opportunity to figure out who is in for the long game. At Coinmetro, we want to give back to our community by continuing to develop the company, the products and the services we are pushing forward. This is not the first bear market Coinmetro is going through, and it will most certainly not be the last.


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