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Coinmetro August Newsletter

by Kamil S


A High-Powered Summer of New Opportunities

Summer is coming to a close and August brought even more campaigns, utilities and products which infused more value into Coinmetro ecosystem. Thank you for all the feedback and the excitement you and the entire community have been expressing. It allows us to keep building so we can now say we’re ready to end this summer in full force! After adding various programs and tokenomics toXCM, pushing numerous robust assets on the exchange and introducing more innovation in the community, here’s a retrospective that will only inspire us to advance even stronger.

Coinmetro Exchange – A Crypto System of Value

This past month and a half, we enriched the Coinmetro exchange (and potentially your portfolio) with repeated listing campaigns that are building up to a substantial system of value. Week 8 of the 15 Weeks of Summer campaign introduced five essential assets: DAIMATICNOIAKSM and NEAR may now be added to your portfolio at favorable prices. The effort was substantiated recently with Week 12 additions – MKRCOMPCELOLRC & NMR rounding out a solid summer palette of crypto assets.

We merged together our ongoing research and your feedback in our never-ending quest to bring you the best of crypto, Web3 and blockchain-based financial products. Not only that, but we are supporting the effort with in-depth educational and informative content so that you can get knowledgeable and inspired to make the best decisions. Bounce to the dedicated blogs for all listings to get familiar with these crypto assets, learn and understand how you can potentially grow your investment. Are you making smart choices during this period, while the low prices favor acquisition? At Coinmetro, we like to think that building the future is a day-to-day endeavor.

XCM Token – Growing with Purpose & Utility

Coinmetro’s XCM Token has been sitting front and center in our pursuit of building a stronger asset that is developing its own center of gravity. We have a new XCM Token Page and a clear XCM Roadmap for our asset, outlining the current efforts and future developments in Q3, Q4 and beyond. Even though we are currently going through a bear market (is this the last one before global crypto adoption?), we are strengthening the XCM token with more utility and tokenomics. In brief, here’s how XCM is maturing:

  • Record-Breaking 500,000 XCM Burn Event – A few weeks ago we had a major XCM burn event worth approximately $300,000. The 500k XCM burn is part of an ongoing commitment from our side to give more utility and value to the XCM token. This provides a deflationary character to XCM, by decreasing the total supply and encouraging the buy pressure. More future burn events and utility are already scheduled.
  • XCM Margin Limit Update – After successfully implementing XCM on Margin, we followed-up with XCM Margin Limit Updates, essentially unlocking more opportunities for Coinmetro users and XCM holders to level up their trading and bring more value to the Coinmetro Token.
  • XCM Dust Converter – This new function allows you to convert your small, unused amounts of crypto into something that brings you more value. Little by little, all the “dust” you convert to XCM becomes an investment in itself.
  • XCM Margin Fees Reduced to 0 – We have activated negative fees on XCM long positions! This means while the price is moving sideways, you will not be penalized with margin fees. We understand our loyal community and XCM holders are supporting us and want to make sure we are on their side and giving back.

As a heads-up, we want to point out that the above mentioned action points are not singular events, but part of a larger, ongoing effort to further develop XCM, bringing more utility, opportunity and value into the asset. Read about the XCM Roadmap to understand the long-term journey of our token. Are you holding?

Accelerating Company Growth 

As one of the fastest growing crypto institutions, we have allocated more budget and resources to further scale Coinmetro as a company. Recently, a renewed Marketing Push has been set in motion that essentially supports all our efforts with more exposure. We have several new agencies on board amplifying our products and channeling more sign-ups to the exchange.

The new chapter signals a stronger cycle of growth that will push Coinmetro’s mission forward. We are currently hiring for several positions: Marketing Project Manager, Performance Specialist, Marketing Analyst, Media Buyer, Graphic Designer, Head of Data and others as well. Moreover, we are focusing on performance marketing campaigns driven by ads and influencer involvement, with the support of five agencies.

Find us in the near future at acclaimed crypto and blockchain events such as Slush Helsinki, Token2049 London, Gitex Dubai, Money 20/20 Las Vegas, Web Summit Lisbon, Bitcoin Amsterdam and Nordic Fintech Week in Copenhagen. Read more about our Marketing Efforts to understand how we are spending our funding to grow the company.

Advancing Access For All

Here’s a question that is currently circulating in our community: Is this the last bear market before global crypto adoption? Our vision is long-term. Hard to say exactly when global crypto adoption will become the status-quo, but one thing remains clear – despite the current market sentiment, crypto is moving forward! It might be hard to notice, as no tokens are currently going to the moon, but more people are joining the crypto revolution and we’ll be here to provide access to all.

We are choosing to partner only with projects and actors who, just like us, are actively involved with innovation and development, driving crypto adoption to new heights and offering you the means for a better financial competence.

Let us not forget what followed after some of the most critical moments the markets have been through in recent years. After the initial pandemic collapse in early 2020, the crypto markets and economy as a whole bounced back stronger than ever, embarking on a vigorous bull run. There is a lot on the horizon to which we can look forward!

Quote of the Month

“It’s always easier to change things from the inside, than from the outside”

Kevin Murcko, Coinmetro Founder & CEO – AMA Session August 5, 2022

We’d like to take a moment to share some thoughts on what the above statement means for us. In one instance, it refers to what Coinmetro and Kevin are currently doing – actively working with regulators and governmental bodies across the globe to create a more inclusive and transparent financial space and drive crypto adoption forward. Regulation is the future of crypto and working on this is one of Coinmetro’s main priorities.

On the other hand, it also cues at what our community really means and how important it is for us all to stick together. By being part of the Coinmetro world, you will have access to innovative crypto solutions that you can integrate for the growth of your investment. Equally important – voicing your opinions as a Coinmetroid insider is giving us a good sense of what we are doing, how we can get better, and how we can grow together as a collective.

Thank you for staying in the loop with Coinmetro! Let us know what you think about our past month’s efforts on Coinmetro’s Discord and Telegram channels. What assets and projects will you be discovering and integrating into your portfolio? Tell us your side of the coin (or token) and let’s grow together!

To join one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges, sign-up today for an account with Coinmetro.


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