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XCM Buyback

by Kamil S


The Biggest News in CoinMetro History

If you’re brand new to CoinMetro and not holding XCM yet, the time is NOW. If you have been riding with us from the beginning, this is what you’ve been waiting for!

The value of XCM has skyrocketed this year, but it is not too late to get in… yet. In fact, we’re putting money where our mouth is. That’s right, CoinMetro and its core investors believe in XCM so strongly that we just put $1,000,000 in the XCM order book!

CoinMetro bought $500,000 worth of XCM in a single market buy and our investors have followed up with a limit order of $500,000 to support. 

Why Did CoinMetro Buy Its Own Token?

We had a massive Q1 and exceeded all expectations. We even reached self-sustainability way ahead of schedule, so we’re now set for even more growth going forward. Revenues month to date for April are on target for 50% growth. 

The recent CoinMetro bond sale raised €2.5mil and led to another €2mil+ secured in private equity sales from large investors that missed out. But even more have come knocking so we have more deals closing soon. These additional funds will be used to scale development resources, hire a stronger marketing team, and pay content creators to get the word out.

That’s not all. We’re just about ready for the biggest advancement in our ecosystem’s history. XCM staking is due to launch in Q2. This enormous milestone cannot be overstated. We collected feedback indicating around one-third of all XCM could be locked into staking plans within the first 30 days!

With all this starting in Q2 and continuing onward into the future, our board members and investors saw the need to replenish the company treasury with even more XCM.

Investors Double Down

Smart money has been pouring in to support XCM. Here is why:

New Licenses

Confidence has grown after seeing CoinMetro secure the EMI agent license. What this means is that we will be able to offer third party crypto payments, merchant services and crypto transfers for our growing client base. Wouldn’t it be cool to automatically cash out your copy trading profits and then have your bills paid for you? We think so too!

The fund raise for the MTF license application was also a huge success. Securing the MTF license will allow CoinMetro to expand into services which are typically far greater revenue generators. Such as CFDs, Options, higher leverage, perpetual swaps, and of course, securities trading. 

Built for the Future

CoinMetro and its investors remain focused on long-term change in how the financial world works. Not just a quick pump. While 99 out of 100 crypto tokens may be vaporware that pay gas fees on a network that no one uses… XCM is that 1% exception.

Here are a few use cases:

  • 100% of all exchange fees are used to market buy XCM
  • Earn Rebates paid in XCM
  • Best affiliate program in crypto, paid in XCM
  • Hold XCM & earn more! (Staking launching Q2)

When most of the supply is locked up in staking, you know what that means…

The Best News of All…?

More buybacks are coming! With such rapid growth in all areas, we expect these buys to be more frequent and on a larger scale!

Join our community on Telegram & open an account today!


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