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We Are Extending Our Referral Program

by Kamil S


Invite Your Friends to Coinmetro and Earn Rewards for Life

Initially scheduled as a one-time campaign a month ago, the Referral Program $10 bonus is extending into the future. The people-centric reward mechanism had strong echoes in the entire community and beyond, bringing more Coinmetroids aboard. As the sign-ups are increasing, we see fit to carry on rewarding anybody who joins our platform.

Industry’s Best Referral Program

We wanted to update our Referral Program so we can circulate more value back to the community. Originally planned for a shorter period of time, the fruitful campaign is now extending, bringing more people to the Coinmetro exchange. Are you taking advantage?

You can now earn a $10 bonus for every friend you bring to Coinmetro. And they’ll earn $10 as well! The referral rewards remain active all your life. Every time you refer somebody, both you and your referral receive $10 worth of XCM. Moreover, your bonuses will be credited instantly when your referral deposits their first $50 (equivalent in any currency) to the platform. Here’s more about one of the industry’s best referral programs:

  • Invite as many people as you want to sign-up with Coinmetro.
  • You earn 40% of all exchange fees each referral pays on the platform.
  • You earn 40% of all Margin Trading fees each referral pays on the platform.
  • You also get 10% of the exchange fee portion for each of your referral’s referrals.

Get Ready for Margin Trading at Coinmetro

Why are we extending our Referral Program bonus? Because more developments are already scheduled and will soon become active. It’s a good moment to join the community so you can start benefiting from these innovations.

If you’ve been staying in touch, then you know that our new Margin Trading Platform is around the corner. After being in Beta for 6 months, the new Margin product is our biggest milestone in the short term. It was natural for our Referral Program to include rewards from the Margin Trading fees.

The new platform will give you 5x leverage with high margin limits – potentially up to $250,000. The feature-rich product will allow you to view, manage and open positions with ease, taking advantage of advanced API access. In true Coinmetro fashion, the Margin exchange will have low daily fees! Fees on borrowed margin are calculated hourly and charged only once daily at 0.08%.

We are also putting together an easy-to-understand educational content portfolio to go along with the Margin product launch. Education is paramount for everyone’s financial competence. As we build our Learning Lab, we will make sure to provide meaningful insights and learning opportunities so you can easily integrate into your trading and investing.

Spread the good news about all the developments we’re regularly pushing forward at Coinmetro! Join our platform and invite your friends along, so you can all benefit from a crypto exchange designed around your needs. Hang around on our Discord and Telegram channels and head to the Coinmetro exchange now if you are already a user, to experience a premium trading platform.


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