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The Story of Coinmetro Rebranding

by Kamil S


A complete crypto ecosystem that is redefining finance for good, Coinmetro has been identified with the metro and train logo for years. The beginning of 2022 was marked with the company undergoing a major rebranding.

Why rebrand in the first place? A strong brand is key to any business, and rebranding is part of the natural cycle of every strong brand.

Having redefined Coinmetro’s Purpose, Vision and Mission along with Values and Key Attributes, a new, clearer visual identity was born. We work hard to make Coinmetro the industry’s best.

Meet Coinmetro

Facing challenges in the transition to decentralized finance (DeFi), the world needs exchanges like Coinmetro. Traditional finance (TradFi) is riddled with many issues, such as lack of connection with customers, understanding of the regulatory framework bridging the two financial worlds and/or not being open to the evolutionary aspects of crypto in general.

Here at Coinmetro, we make a difference by knowing how to play the TradFi/DeFi game and putting people at the center of everything. From the very beginning, we positioned ourselves as a people-centric company with a focus on creating new and more accessible financial markets.

Since launch, we have been creating a fair and inclusive ecosystem of financial services powered by an ever-growing community of like-minded change-makers.

Coinmetro Rebranding: Why Change the Name?

If you just joined – Coinmetro used to be “CoinMetro”. At some point, we felt like the upper case “M” was an obstacle in the middle, breaking up the word. But most importantly, Coinmetro was no longer just a train or a metro.

Coinmetro is a place. It became the Metropolis, where the train was going. The Metropolis is inclusive and highly accessible, a place where all can enjoy the environment and a thriving community.

Coinmetro – the Umbrella Brand

Three brands will be separated under the Coinmetro umbrella: Coinmetro, XCM, and Kevin Murcko, Coinmetro’s CEO.


Referred to as the Metropolis, Coinmetro is the main ecosystem or platform housing a range of crypto and financial services. Changes to the Coinmetro brand include a new logo and stunning new visuals to showcase Coinmetro as an ever-expanding ecosystem visualized in the form of a modern and fast-moving city, with plenty of reliable and innovative services.


The ecosystem’s native utility token, XCM, has everything to be more effective than traditional money. It is integrated into all of Coinmetro’s present and future solutions, tied into every transaction and interaction occuring on the platform. Call it smart money if you like – built for the future with today’s requirements and use cases in mind.

It can be used on the main crypto exchange, for copy and margin trading, as well as staking. Additionally, as Coinmetro continues to expand our ecosystem of products and services, XCM will be at the center of all.

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We have given XCM a unique and captivating identity, focusing on creating sustainable, long-term passive income opportunities.

Our new, unique Multi-Asset Rewards (MARs) program furthers our commitment to empower people.

Kevin Murcko

The Founder and CEO of Coinmetro, Kevin Murcko certainly deserves his own brand identity. With an ever-growing presence in the financial and crypto space, he is a friend to all.

The visual Kevin character will help us build trust with new and existing users and shows a more playful side to Coinmetro. It’s a highly versatile piece of our brand power, like Kevin.

A Brand New Margin Trading Platform

Along with Coinmetro rebranding, we have been working hard to improve our Margin Trading platform and are excited to showcase the Margin BETA.

Navigating the Beta platform, you will see many new visual and design changes. The list below shows some of the updates, and we are looking forward to delivering incremental updates on a continuous basis.

  • Smoother navigation to change the displayed currency between your preferred fiat or crypto.
  • Introduction of improved pair selector which:
  • Expands a left side bar menu containing all available trading pairs;
  • Restyled Position Summary and Margin Fees Card
  • Chart height control:
  • Allows you to expand the chart view;
  • Change to labels and titles to make the platform more understandable with new tooltips.
  • Turning Active Positions, Open Orders, and Trade History into tab buttons, having eliminated the need to scroll the page to switch between them.

There are big plans for the full launch, with upgrades which will bring higher collateral limits, more new assets on margin, and even lower fees. You can stay up to date with all Coinmetro announcements and developments by joining our Discord or Telegram communities!

With a better understanding of the transforming transition, Coinmetro is building boldly new financial products and services to provide a more robust experience in the rising DeFi scene.

Coinmetro and XCM exist to empower all people with financial access.


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