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Product Update, September 2023

by Kamil S


Greetings, Coinmetro community! As we have stepped into September, we're thrilled to share the latest developments from August, and a glimpse into what the future holds. Here’s what we are excited about, as we leave summer in our rearview mirror:

August milestones: Building momentum

In August, we celebrated numerous achievements that have already enhanced your trading experience:

New Listings: Our platform expanded with the addition of DYDX, LIDO, BLUR, & CHILIZ. These new listings offer you more opportunities to diversify your portfolio and explore emerging tokens in DeFi, staking, NFTs and sports tokenization. Which ones are you holding?

Banking Partnerships: We understand the importance of smooth transactions. That's why we integrated new banking partners to improve our EUR (SEPA instant) and GBP (FPS) services. These enhancements ensure your deposits and withdrawals are lightning-fast and straightforward.

Credit/Debit Cards Are Back: We're pleased to announce that credit and debit card functionality in multiple currencies has returned, offering you more flexibility in funding your account. 

Mobile App Update version 5.49: We've introduced enhancements to the Assets (formerly Wallets) page, coupled with refinements to the dashboard and navigation. These improvements guarantee a more seamless and user-friendly mobile app experience.

Eternal Margin Summer Campaign: Our Eternal Margin Summer campaign was a resounding success, with a total trading volume of 4 mil EUR and an additional 2,000 EUR in staking rewards for the winners. We're thrilled to see our community actively participating and benefiting from this campaign.

SEO Game Boost: In the pursuit of enhancing your knowledge and trading skills, we launched a new Glossary in August. This curated collection covers a wide spectrum of modern finance terms, allowing you to deepen your understanding of the crypto market. Furthermore, the Glossary is already echoing back better SEO ranking for Coinmetro.

Elevating User Experience and Engagement: In August, we rolled out six product lifecycle communications, covering onboarding, deposits, staking plans, and client reactivation. This extensive effort encompasses 70 unique messages, spanning emails, push notifications, in-app banners, and content cards, all aimed at enhancing your Coinmetro experience.

What lies ahead: September and beyond

More New Listings: We're excited to let you know we're planning to add more than 40 new listings by the end of the year. These new tokens will offer you diverse investment opportunities spanning various asset classes.

Credit Card Expansion: Convenient funding options are crucial. We'll be expanding our credit card offerings to additional regions and introducing new flows, including Apple and Google Pay integration. This makes it easier than ever to fund your account and purchase cryptocurrencies.

New Add Cash Implementation: We're implementing a web and app native "Add Cash" feature to streamline the deposit process, making it even more user-friendly.

Fees Restructuring: We're committed to transparency and efficiency. Expect to see changed fees helping onboard new users while maximizing opportunities for experienced traders.

Performance Enhancements on Margin: In a market currently driven by leveraged trading at large, we continuously work to optimize your margin trading experience. Look forward to performance improvements on our Margin trading platform, ensuring smoother operations.

Find out more about it in this month’s Product Update session, with Oliver Goble, Coinmetro Head of Product.

Together, we will continue to explore and capitalize on opportunities, providing a rewarding crypto experience for all Coinmetro users. We appreciate your valuable feedback and for being part of our community. Keep an eye out for further updates and improvements in the coming days.

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Product Update, September 2023

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