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Platform Update: Improved Navigation + Asset Drilldown Pages

by Kamil S


New Asset Presentation – A Superior Trading Experience

To double down on our fresh rebranding, we are introducing several new features to our exchange that will elevate your trading and keep you in the flow of opportunity.

Assets are now being presented in a more holistic manner and the user experience is gearing up with improved navigation and features. Soon, we’ll also be launching an integrated live news feed to keep you wired to what’s happening in the crypto world.

Know Your Assets

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could get all the essential information in one place? Our platform has improved the way assets are being presented so you waste no time in getting to the core of information. Find out more about each token and study its underlying technology right on our exchange, without having to break your flow and reach out to external sources. Take note of the public sentiment for each coin and if you want to learn more, you will find direct links to each asset’s whitepaper and official website. Understanding what it means to trade and invest, we made sure the performance of an asset is now front and center with more control than ever, offering both information and accessibility at your fingertips. To better support your decisions, you will also find a more detailed line chart for a selected asset, improved control of the time-frame and a lot more overall data to utilize.

Improved Navigation and Execution

Find out about new listings and shortlist your favorite trading pairs so you can stay on top of the markets while planning your next move. Once you commit, execute flawlessly with the new swap mechanics style that allows you to trade the preferred fiat currency to the asset currency and vice versa.

Building bridges, that’s what we want to do. In the sidebar, you will find direct links to our community pages for you to reach out, connect and scout out for what’s hot and what’s not. To further keep you posted with what’s on our plate here at Coinmetro, you will also find direct bounce links to our blog.

Coming Soon – Live Crypto News Feed

Soon you will be able to get up to speed with what’s happening in the crypto world & beyond by keeping a close eye on our integrated live news feed. It’s a great opportunity to get the pulse of the markets and community while you wait for the perfect entry point of your next trade. A recap of what’s happening will soon be found in our news card to keep you in the zone so you don’t have to waste time surfing the web.

All these changes are a natural evolution in offering you a high grade trading and investing platform. By understanding our users’ needs and demands, we are continuously taking steps towards fine-tuning and improving your overall experience in the markets.

Are you ready to see more? Head over to the exchange right now to take advantage of the new additions to our trading platform.


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