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New Coinmetro Mobile App 5.0

by Kamil S


A Redesign of Your Single Most Important Trading Tool

Understanding the importance of making the right decision at the right time, we have been focusing behind closed doors on perfecting our mobile app.

Today, we are excited to announce our new 5.0 version is available, bringing much innovation to the space and a more user-friendly experience. Get accustomed to the changes and learn how they can better your trading experience.

Mobile In Form & Function

Everything you’ll ever need to trade and invest freely is now in the palm of your hands. Our new version has been designed to keep you in the zone and on top of the markets. The release comes with native app functionalities bringing more convenience and ease of use in 4 main sections: Dashboard, Market, Wallet and Swap. In addition, improvements have been made in other categories as well, such as the notification center and navigation drawer.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the convenience of 4 trading screens on your mobile app? Now you have it! Nobody knows when the markets will shift. They move when they move and when it happens, you can act confidently with the help of the new features our mobile app is pushing forward:


  • Wallet summary – Summary of total balances, clicking on total value you can change the display to your preferred crypto/fiat currency.
  • Top pairs widget – You can now see top pairs from the Exchange or Margin trading platforms.
  • Top gainers/losers – Section showing the biggest movers where you can see either all assets or just assets that you hodl in your portfolio.
  • News widget – Carousel of the last 5 news posts from our blog. Get connected to what’s happening right inside the app!
  • Sentiment analysis widget – Market sentiment analysis of all listed assets.
  • Transaction history widget – A display of your 5 most recent transactions.


  • Spot Exchange – Users can navigate, filter and search the market pairs list. Also, you can open the exchange page by clicking on any of the pairs.
  • Listed assets – Users can search and filter all listed assets. You can open the asset detail page by clicking on any asset.
  • Watch List assets – Mark your favorite listed assets with a STAR so it becomes easier to keep track of their performance and access them faster.
  • Margin pairs – Filter, search and analyze the margin pairs list.


  • Wallet summary & chart – Detailed summary of you wallet balances.
  • My transactions list – List of your 20 transactions most recent + ability to view more if needed button.
  • My assets list – Have a quick look at your complete portfolio.
  • Expandable asset details – Learn more about any given asset.


  • Swap widget – Instantly swap between pairs with just a single touch.
  • Asset selection – Allows you to select the asset you want to swap from and to.
  • Swap confirm and success – Confirmation and success screens where you see all important info about your transaction.

Other improved features to the Notification Center now allow you to customize the entire notification hub.

Offering You Better Crypto Tools

The new Coinmetro Mobile App 5.0 version has been in development for over a year and it is an effort from our side to offer you the best environment and tools for all your crypto needs.

While the markets are currently facing a pessimistic public sentiment, at Coinmetro, we are laying the groundwork for the next steps. We are taking active measures to ensure that soon enough you will be navigating out of the current bear market, into a more favorable crypto landscape, with the positive assets and tools in your hands.

The 5.0 Mobile App release is also the Week 5 feature complementing our ongoing “15 Weeks of Summer” campaign – through which we will be listing new tokens and projects all summer long. Don’t let the FUD out there blur your vision! Plan your steps accordingly and map out your investment as the markets are testing their bottoms. Now may be a good time to stock up your portfolio.

An App for Your A-Game Trading

The new Coinmetro Mobile App 5.0 release comes of course for both iOS and Android platforms. Are you already leveraging this potent tool to your advantage? Discover the new app and learn how you can benefit from it. Inside you will find critical market information, instant trading functionalities as well as a gateway to news and notifications that will keep you wired to the good stuff. Watch a preview in this video.

No need to worry anymore about external market analysis and credible news sources. Our new app is offering all of that in a simple and efficient way, designed to inspire you and give you confidence so that you stay on top of your A-game. Day in, day out.

Stay close for future updates! We have even more improvements for the mobile app that will be released in the following weeks.

Will you be acting on your A-Game this summer? Try the new app today for iOS and Android to discover and learn about all innovations! To find out what others think about it – join the ever-growing Coinmetro community on Discord and Telegram. To start your journey with Coinmetro, take action now and sign up to our platform in just a few steps!


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