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KDA Staking: Simplified Bonding

by Kamil S


Coinmetro is very proud to announce the world’s first KDA Staking program! This simplified KDA Bonding is just one exciting development in our partnership with Kadena. We already boast a complete Kadena wallet integration and will be unleashing Wrapped KDA soon.


The Kadena-Coinmetro ongoing collaboration has been a beautifully fruitful one – from listing KDA on Coinmetro and introducing the world’s first ever KDA/USD pair to simplifying Kadena Bonding into this easy-to-use staking.

Therefore, it’s no surprise Coinmetro has managed to become the #1 fiat gateway for Kadena.

I missed out – what is Kadena?

Kadena’s hybrid blockchain platform is the future of digital value – braided, high-throughput, and infinitely scalable, this unique Proof-of-Work system is all about being fast, secure, and simple. 

Delivering on these key promises has secured success for the platform and its native coin – KDA. For example, Kadena is already being used by an array of major companies in finance, healthcare, and insurance.

Currently, Kadena is the fastest sharded layer-1 PoW blockchain, capable of delivering infrastructure-grade performance for the DeFi economy.

If you want to discover more about this high-potential blockchain platform, Kadena Blockchain – Everything You Need to Know is a great place to start.

What is staking?

Simply and nicely put, staking is holding or locking funds in a crypto wallet with the aim of maintaining the operations of a proof-of-stake based blockchain system. It helps a blockchain network achieve consensus rewarding the participants, in which it is similar to mining.

Why stake with Coinmetro?

With Coinmetro, staking has never been easier. For instance, anyone can earn a passive income with us by simply holding crypto assets in their account and creating a staking plan.

Rewards are paid out automatically. That’s right, we handle the entire staking process. Did we already mention that staking with Coinmetro yields very generous rewards? Find out more below.

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How does Kadena staking work?

With at least 100 KDA in your Coinmetro account, you can earn a passive income by staking your KDA coins.

KDA can be deposited to your account, or bought & sold on our platform. Accordingly, our Swap Widget makes it incredibly simple, or you can trade KDA on our exchange with both USD & EUR trading pairs.  Did you know that Coinmetro’s wallets support all 20 Kadena blockchains? As a result, the Kadena team, and of course the community, have shown high praise for our wallet implementation.

The duration options to choose from are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year. Subsequently, 0pting for a longer staking duration will increase the monthly rewards that are calculated based only on the timeframe.

How much can you possibly earn by staking KDA? You can earn up to the 18%! Here are the rates based on the duration you opt to choose:

  • 11% APR for one month plans
  • 14% APR for three month plans
  • 16% APR for six month plans
  • 18% APR for a one year plan

**Fixed for now, the KDA staking rates may increase in the future.

Get ready to start your staking plan!

Get ready to earn a passive income with us the smart way. New to Coinmetro? Open an account today by signing up and completing the verification process.

Jump on board for long-term secure and easy-to-use passive income opportunities. If you need any guidance, we’re here to help 24/7. Contact us anytime, anywhere to get your questions answered.


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