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COVAL - The First Composite Token - Now at Coinmetro

by Kamil S


Trade AS MANY Tokens as You Want at the Same Time!

Week 3 of 15 Weeks of Summer Campaign is bringing you a truly innovative crypto asset. COVAL is a ground-breaking Ethereum token that powers Emblem – a platform where users can create custom combinations of ETH, ERC-20, and NFT tokens into a single, tradable token called a Vault. What does this mean precisely? You can build an entire portfolio of tokens and NFTs, each to the desired amount, and trade all the assets as one single token, offering you advanced accessibility and leverage like never before. Moreover, COVAL can be used to create Vaults and is issued as a reward to liquidity providers.

Emblem Vault is a completely decentralized token developed to bring value and solve problems in the simplest way. Let’s find out why this is so innovative! Now you can:

  • Trade tokens from any blockchain on ANY Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) based Blockchain (Fantom, ETH, BSC + more).
  • Trade multiple tokens at the same time in the form of a single token!
  • Transact not just tokens, but also Digital Files.

New trading pairs: COVAL/USD COVAL/EUR

Emblem Vault USES:

Value Backed Digital Art

Create an Emblem Vault that contains one or more pieces of Collectable Art (ERC 721 NFT) along with some Bitcoin.

Tradable Portfolios

Combine multiple assets into a single token: 40% BTC, 20% ETH, 10% LINK, 10% AMPL, 10% ADA, making a tradable portfolio that is easy to maneuver. Trade the whole portfolio at once at your convenience.

Portable Liquidity Pools

Create an Emblem Vault with multiple pool tokens to make transferable liquidity pools: Balancer, Uniswap & more. This allows you to create your own liquidity pools based on your aggregate token.

Transparent Funds

Create an Emblem Vault that is held by the community or other trusted third party that multiple people can deposit to with trust. More precisely, you can collectively hold funds together with other investors in a completely transparent manner.

Aggregate Token Creation

Split and combine Vaults into an aggregate of their values. Whenever opportunity knocks, you can take ownership of part of a shared Vault.

Token Uses

COVAL as Discount

Emblem Vaults rely on FUEL as its fee token. COVAL is used when purchasing FUEL to provide a discount.

COVAL as Rewards

Applications accepting COVAL as payment will reward a portion back to liquidity providers.

FUEL Purchased from Market

When FUEL is purchased using ETH on UniSwap, it will go through the COVAL pool.

COVAL Token Information

Total Supply:2B| Circulating Supply:~1.2B

Tokenomics At-A-Glance

Circular Economics

ETH earnings will market buy COVAL. Half of the purchased COVAL will be burnt, half will be distributed as rewards.

Passive Income

FUEL liquidity will be provided by anyone wishing to sell FUEL. Liquidity providers will earn ETH and COVAL with every sale of FUEL.

Multiple Payment Options

Vaults can be purchased with COVAL, ETH or FUEL. ETH used to purchase Vaults will be routed through Uniswap to market buy COVAL. The COVAL used to purchase Vaults will be burnt or used as rewards. FUEL is the discounted way to purchase Vaults.

COVAL and FUEL as First Class Citizens

FUEL and COVAL have a close relationship. Discounting Vault purchases encourages the use of FUEL. Every FUEL purchase will burn and distribute COVAL, raising its value. Both being First Class Citizens means both support all the operations generally available to the other.

FUEL Purchased from Market

When FUEL is purchased using ETH on UniSwap it will go through the COVAL pool.

Better Crypto Products for the Modern Investor

By now we believe you’re as excited as we are about this new listing. Our commitment to offer groundbreaking financial solutions is advancing once again with the launch of COVAL –  a composite token that provides superior agility to the way you build your portfolio and trade assets. A truly innovative blockchain product that offers new investment possibilities and is more in tune with the needs of both beginner and experienced modern investors. COVAL is taking accessibility to a higher level and allows you to seamlessly move through the markets without the hassle of having to trade each asset separately. We’re delighted to introduce this product on our platform and strengthen our dedication to offer an accessible crypto ecosystem that leaves no one behind. What we’re building is for everybody!

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