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What is ThoughtAI?

by Kamil S


Implementing artificial intelligence solutions is indispensable for the big data cycle involving collection, storage, and retrieval of diverse types and amounts of data. ThoughtAI is the leading adaptive artificial intelligence solution that self-assembles and self-optimizes algorithms for any business case. So, what is ThoughtAI as a solution, and how has it transformed the traditional application software layer?

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What is ThoughtAI?

ThoughtAI is a network that manages information as “Nuances”, self-aware data that is intelligent and encoded with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Nuances are in charge of transporting, organizing, sending, analyzing, and tracking data across the network in the most efficient way possible. Built and powered by the ThoughtAI blockchain, Nuances record all interactions and transformations.

Implementation Cases of ThoughtAI

Let’s now explore the ways in which the ThoughtAI platform can be implemented.


Information with AI capabilities can not only determine its location, but also know if it has been stolen. In both cases, self-aware information would spawn an alert to the predefined person or original facility.

Distributed Algorithms

The network’s data-defined solutions are capable of providing analytics and delivering information in an organized package.

Unified Information Exchange

ThoughtAI can enable intra-industry information exchange. What’s more, it enables real-time analytics of large data streams and historical data sets – reporting historical and current data simultaneously. 

As a result, the network’s universal information exchange can integrate data, generate new revenue streams, save costs, and improve quality life by ensuring continuity of value.


Essentially, the range of ThoughtAI solutions helps focus on the individual patient. Importing information from mobile health applications or connected devices results in the collection of more detailed clinical data.

In addition, the network has the ability to provide HIPAA compliant information right from the source. This is possible by using a multilayered encryption framework that encrypts patient information entirely.

ThoughtAI on Coinmetro

An official partner of ThoughtAI, Coinmetro was the world’s first fiat gateway for THT, the native token of the ThoughtAI platform.

You can start trading the THT token by logging in to your Coinmetro account or signing up if you’re a new user!



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