ThoughtAI THT Token is Listed on CoinMetro

Good news – the THT token is listed on CoinMetro! We’ve been working behind the scenes with ThoughtAI, another partner of CoinMetro, and discovered a passionate & talented team creating valuable solutions! We aim to collaborate with the ThoughtAI team in order to expand our own services in the future. THT is a cuckoo-cycle reduced energy Proof-of-Work native blockchain. 

CoinMetro is offering the first fiat gateway (THT/EUR pair) for THT in the world. Trading is now open!

Why are we listing the THT token?

We will be the trusted exchange partner for ThoughtAI and be the go to fiat on ramp to purchase their token to gain access to the ecosystem! 

AI solutions reimagine the way enterprises can do business! In the Thought AI network, information is managed as “Nuances”, self-aware data that is intelligent and encoded with AI capabilities. Nuances are in charge of transporting, organizing, sending, analyzing and tracking data across the network in the most efficient way possible. Built and powered by the THT blockchain, Nuances record all interactions and transformations.

Read more about ThoughtAI Solutions.

How does the token work?

The token has a circulating supply of 600m THT and max supply of 1.618b. Thought offers adaptive AI that self-assembles and self-optimizes algorithms for any business case; their clients must own THT to power their activity of the Thought AI network of data. They make every piece of information self-aware by embedding it with AI.

It is also possible to run a THT Masternode which is Layer-2 Proof of Stake. We’ll be sharing an easy to follow guide so our clients can help support the network if they are interested. We plan to support it ourselves and you may see an exchange masternode online in the future, so our community is able to jump into the exciting world of staking to earn a passive income. 

ThoughtAI Roadmap

THT roadmap

You can find their full roadmap here at