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What are Smart Crypto Trading Bots?

by Kamil S


Do smart crypto trading bots really work? They come very handy in the crypto markets that never sleep, just like the big cities. Having a bot trading for you during the night might help you avoid disappointment in the morning… as traders’ mornings can be filled with all kinds of surprises!

We never underestimate the high volatility of crypto, that’s why trading with a smart bot may be a good idea.

What is a smart crypto trading bot?

Generally speaking, a smart trading bot is a software program that is set to your preferences. What it does is analyzing crypto market data and interacting with digital exchanges.

Analyzing such market parameters as price, volume, time, etc., a smart trading bot can place buy and sell orders for you while you’re sleeping or having an important meeting that can last for hours.

The best thing about these bots is that they are emotionless, which means that orders are placed based on pure technical analysis, not on a whim (sorry, guys)!

Can it be useful to me?

Very much so! Trading bots allow you to interact with the crypto markets even when you’re physically unable to do so. Their main goal is to relieve you of extra stress, especially when it comes to nighttime trading.

However, smart crypto trading bots are recommended for active traders in the first place. If you only trade once in a blue moon, getting a smart trading bot may not be the smartest idea.

These bots are also good for those who have very little knowledge or experience in trading cryptocurrencies, but are determined to make an additional income by entering the crypto scene. If you’re new, you will have a hard time reading crypto data, such as charts, graphs, etc. As you will be learning to dos and donts of the crypto markets, a smart trading bot will be trading for you automatically.

The most important thing here is for you to continue your education in the industry and not rely on smart trading bots. Think about it… if you do, you will never learn to trade yourself. Learn, make mistakes, and become a better trader eventually!

Read an extensive guide on cryptocurrency trading bots.

Best Smart Crypto Trading Bots

Here’s a list of the best smart trading bots currently available in the market:

  • 3Commas
  • Cryptohopper
  • CryptoTrader
  • Haasbot
  • Zignaly
  • GunBot
  • BTCRobot
  • Gekko
  • Zenbot

These trading bots are reliable, secure,  transparent, profitable, and easy to use! If you decide to go for a different one, make sure it matches the criteria above.

Feel free to visit their dedicated pages, download the software, and see how well this or that smart crypto trading bot works for you!

Ready to make your own bot? Check out the CoinMetro API docs!

What’s your experience with smart trading bots? We love to receive your comments, so feel free to give us some feedback in the comment section below!

Happy first day of spring!

The CoinMetro Team



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