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XCM Price Floor Update

by Kamil S


We’ve got some important news to share.

There will be several updates to the XCM token within the CoinMetro ecosystem ready for expanded utility and adoption.

Firstly, we will be introducing increased limits for XCM on the exchange as organic liquidity has grown along with demand. We have many small funds and wealthy individuals showing interest who have tried to buy large amounts of XCM but have been met with limitations. We recognise the need to increase these limits.

Market orders currently 50k XCM  – This will be increased to 100k

Margin exposure currently 50k  – This will be increased to 100k

This will allow traders to quickly enter larger positions in either direction and should help boost volumes even further, along with solving the problem many may face when trying to buy large amounts of XCM. 

Secondly, we will be moving the XCM floor price to €0.03 to reflect the significant growth in the company. All clients with buy limit orders under €0.03 have been contacted and provided with 48 hours notice to remove/amend their buy orders to the new floor price or higher.

During a 48 hour window starting from 1pm UTC 9th December, users will still be able to place sell orders (market/limit) under €0.03. This is to ensure that any XCM holders who need to sell are able to exit the market even at the lower price. At 1pm UTC on Friday 10th December any remaining buy orders under €0.03 will be cancelled. 

We will monitor the order book on an ongoing basis and ensure there is liquidity to support the additional services that we are looking to add to the platform, which have a strong relationship with XCM.

We are always looking to protect our clients and ensure there is a healthy trading environment. Over time the limits will be increased further with a long term vision to remove all limits as liquidity and volume grows. 

Coming soon:

XCM Staking 

XCM as collateral on Margin 

XCM as Collateral on Copy Trading  

XCM sat at 0.03 for some time and was very stable, so we have carefully picked a fair floor price after months of analysis. If you have any questions, contact oursupport team for 24/7 assistance.


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