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XCM Exchange Token

by Kamil S


CoinMetro’s XCM exchange token has been making headlines in the past months. What is this high-potential token, and why has it been booming of late?

What is XCM?

The native utility token to CoinMetro, XCM, is vital to the platform and creates value for CoinMetro’s users. Sounds great, but what does this translate into exactly?

XCM is integrated into every single part of CoinMetro’s ecosystem. Our token is tied into every transaction and interaction that occurs on the exchange platform.

For our users, XCM means more efficient trading allowing users to keep more of their profits. It can be used on the main crypto exchange, for copy & margin trading, or on our digital securities marketplace. Additionally, as CoinMetro continues to expand our ecosystem of products & services, XCM will be at the center of everything.

To learn more about this type of digital assets, check out our complete guide to crypto exchange tokens.

Looking to invest? There’s no way you can miss the top 10 exchange tokens for 2021.

XCM Utility

XCM Staking

The ability to stake XCM for a passive income, as well as a wealth of other benefits, is the key to XCM’s magic. It’s a proud milestone for the entire project and everyone involved.

Staking XCM not only offers you lots of benefits, but is also a very simple process. You choose your own plan to fit your financial goals. All you need to do is pick the amount of XCM you want to stake and the duration your XCM tokens will be staked.

The exact percentage of staking rewards will depend on a few factors. The higher the amount of XCM staked, the more rewards you will get. The same principle applies to duration. More information on XCM staking is available here.

Copy Trading

Copy trading generally allows beginner traders to pair with professionals. Every single move made by the pro trader is copied into the copy trader’s account.

The copy trader can disconnect the copied trades and manage them independently. What’s more, the copy relationship can be closed anytime.

What’s the role of our token in copy trading on the CoinMetro platform? All fees are collected in XCM. This means that as the volumes of copy trading increase, so does the demand for our native token.

Margin Trading

XCM also plays a crucial role in margin trading on our platform. The essence of crypto margin trading is similar to traditional margin trading.

Traditional markets fund margins by using an investment broker. In the crypto markets, however, this is the territory of other traders. Why? Their main motivation is to earn interest on the funds they borrow for margins.

CoinMetro offers margin trading with a 5x leverage, and a great user interface. As is the case with copy trading, all fees are collected in XCM. Therefore, this boosts the demand for more XCM tokens.

Digital Securities Marketplace

In addition to providing copy and margin trading opportunities, we have made crypto investments easy and accessible for everyone – by building an innovative cryptocurrency trading platform.

As the next step, we wanted to do the same for digital securities. Our extensive experience helped us build a securities marketplace that is accessible, convenient, and functional – just as we like it.

Affiliate Program and Referrals

No kidding, CoinMetro’s crypto affiliate program is the most rewarding in the industry – and paid in XCM.

Our affiliate program allows you to earn 40% commission from your friends and 10% commission from your friends’ referrals. We’ll be saying no more!

You can start earning passive income the smart way today. Sign up to become a verified CoinMetro user and enjoy all the benefits our native exchange token has to offer.


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